Migrants From Texas are Causing a Humanitarian Crisis in Washington, D.C.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a problem in his state with migrants crossing the border. So, over the past few months, Abbott has bused migrants who were legally cleared out of Texas to other locations such as Washington, D.C., and New York City. This has caused a problem for these two cities and brought pain to these mayors.

The Texas Governor was fed up with the Biden administration so he wanted to share the pain with others hoping the President would make a decision to support the issues of the Texas-Mexican border.

Governor Abbott said:

"And that is exactly why we are sending these illegal immigrants to places like Washington, D.C. and New York City."

Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine unveiled a program to handle migrants in the city. His office sees this causing an issue and overwhelming the non-profits as the migrants flood the streets.

Thousands of migrants have been bused from Texas and Arizona. Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey copied Governor Abbott’s idea and bused migrants out of his state.

Migrants were given a waiver that states Washington D.C.:

"serves as the capital of the United States and is where members of Congress and the President of the United States are more immediately able to help address the needs of migrants who have entered the country."

The waiver also states that New York City:

"has been designated as a sanctuary city by its City Council, and is providing shelter and food to migrants who have entered the country."

In a statement Racine said:

"The TX and AZ Governors’ decision to bus asylum-seeking migrants to the District is causing a humanitarian crisis, and we are answering the call for help."

Racine added the grant will provide funding to non-profits for the:

"front lines who have shouldered the burden of providing basic needs and services -- including housing, food, transportation and legal assistance."

The grant provides $50,000 for non-profits which can increase to $150,000 as long as the organization can outline the plan.

Application requests must be submitted by Tuesday for the grants.

Volunteers have criticized Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser for not requesting funding from FEMA to set up a local response center. Bowser believes this requires a federal response and not a local one.

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Then this past Tuesday, Mayor Bowser requested 150 national guard support from the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a retired Army general.

The Pentagon denied Bowser’s previous request for national guard assistance.

A spokesperson said:

"The Secretary takes this request for assistance very seriously. He and his team are working through the details and will respond to the mayor’s office as soon as a decision has been reached."

New York Mayor Eric Adams recently requested support from President Biden's office which you can see here.

Abbott has said he wanted to send the migrants to the capital and the most populous city of America.

If you were President Biden, how would you handle this?

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