O’Rourke Called Abbott a Thug and Supports Critical Race Theory in Schools

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This past Wednesday in Victoria, Texas which is east of San Antonio, Democratic Challenger for Texas governor Beto O’Rourke mentioned that he supported teachers, and he supported their right to teach the version of history they felt was appropriate.

According to Fox News, O’Rourke said:

"We don't need to tell [a teacher] what version of history she is allowed to teach in a classroom. We don't need to scare the parents of those kids… about something called CRT (critical race theory) that I've never heard of before last year."

A year ago, CRT was a popular topic in the Texas news and media.

Last year in June 2021, Governor Greg Abbott signed the CRT bill that limited what teachers could instruct concerning current events in school.

O’Rourke said:

"What if we treated that teacher with the respect that she has earned, that she is owed, that we all want to give.”

Throughout his campaign, he has stressed that he stands with teachers.

"Instead of attacking teachers, I'll be a governor who has their backs."

On a Fox News Digital comment O’Rourke’s campaign said:

"As governor, Beto will fully fund our Texas schools and fully support Texas students, parents, and teachers after years of Greg Abbott underfunding our classrooms and calling for defunding public education."
"Beto does not say 'parents' shouldn't tell schools what to teach."

Earlier this year, O’Rourke said CRT was not taught in public schools:

"And I think you and I are probably on the same page as well. We don't see CRT being taught in our schools right now. It is a course that is taught in law schools."

Since then. O’Rourke has changed his stance on this topic.

O’Rourke said Governor Abbott is a thug

O’Rourke talked to the CEO and co-founder of The Texas Tribune, Evan Smith, and said to him:

“I just had a chance to meet with the ambassador from the EU. We talked about the fact that you’re seeing the continued rise of authoritarians and thugs across the world. And we have our own, right here, in the state of Texas.”

Smith asked:

“Greg Abbott is a thug in your mind?”

O’Rourke responded:

"He’s a thug, he’s an authoritarian.

In response, Governor Abbott’s campaign said:

“It’s unfortunate Beto O’Rourke continues to run a campaign based on fear-mongering and tearing down Texas.”

O’Rourke is hoping he can win and make an upset against Governor Abbott who is leading in the latest polls.

Who do you think will be the next governor?

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