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Beto O’Rourke Laid out His Strategy on Guns

Tom Handy

While continuing his travel across Texas, Beto O’Rourke continues to visit town by town trying to spread his word and listen to the crowds. The Democratic challenger recently was in Snyder and Lubbock, Texas.

While in Snyder, several attendees came wearing Donald Trump apparel but were outnumbered by people supporting O’Rourke.

He visited towns like Snyder where candidates rarely come. He said:

"To show up and show some respect and demonstrate how valuable they are to me and this state, I think that's powerful."

And while in Lubbock, O’Rourke met about 800 people to hear him speak.

O’Rourke started his campaign a week ago in El Paso where he is from. He’ll continue on and make 65 stops in Texas in 49 days.

O’Rourke said:

“My strategy… is to be with the people.”

O’Rourke said to the crowd:

"If you've got a question, if you've got a comment, if you've got an idea, I'm all ears. We do not have to agree, and sometimes it's even better when we don't. The folks who are for me, those who are against me, those who have yet to make up their mind — the fact that you are here is a testament that our democracy can still work."

Last week in Lubbock, O’Rourke told the crowd:

"I cannot tell you how happy this makes me to see each and every single one of you coming out on a beautiful Thursday to join in with your fellow Texans to make sure that we're standing up for this state and our country at its moment of truth. This is not only what democracy looks like. This is what winning the governor's race on Nov. 8 looks like. It looks like all of you."

While in Lubbock, O’Rourke touched on the power grid, abortion access, common sense gun laws, and support for teachers.

He added:

"We think it's absolutely unfair that the mineral wealth of West Texas funds the largest endowment in the United States of America at the University of Texas at Austin. As long as we're generating all of this wealth here in West Texas and the South Plains, let's make sure that more of it comes back [to] the endowment here at Texas Tech, at West Texas A&M, [and] at our community colleges, at other institutions of higher learning."

When asked if he would take away people’s guns, O’Rourke said:

"We can defend the Second Amendment while protecting the lives of people."

He added the State can focus on gun safety, require background checks, and repeal permit less carry in Texas.

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