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Media is Saying Governor Abbott didn’t Attend the Uvalde Funerals - Here Are the Real Reasons

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Uvalde Elementary School has been a hot topic in the media for the past two months since the shooting. Then some articles put up clickbait that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is blowing to attend any of the funerals.

These are some of the headlines:

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Then Democratic Representative Roland Gutirrez from San Antonio, which is about 80 miles from Uvalde, criticized the governor and said:

“I don’t want this to sound like some political assault on him, but at the end of the day he hasn’t been there since day five, when the president came … we had a failed response on giving resources to families. He did not go to one single funeral, and quite honestly, many of the families didn’t want him there.”

You see, Abbott is not getting much love from some of the media or politicians.

Well, I did some digging to see what was the real reason. True, Governor Abbott is running the State of Texas and also he’s running for re-election against an opponent, Beto O’Rourke, who does not want to give up so easily. So, Abbott is working hard to stay in this fight to win at the ballot box this November.

First, the families of Uvalde requested some privacy. The shooting has brought so much media and attention to this small town of 24,729 residents. They have received more attention probably than ever with the national and local media as well as a visit from the President of the United States and his wife Jill Biden who visited on May 29.

Just days before, Governor Abbott traveled to Uvalde and see the damage that was done.

Second, Abbott’s spokesperson Renae Ezae mentioned he and his wife mourn and pray for the families. She added:

“Governor Abbott has been to the community multiple times, visiting with every family who requested a meeting and joining his fellow Texans to grieve and worship at events into June,” Eze said in an emailed statement. “Many families requested private funerals, and the Governor and First Lady instead sent flowers and condolences to let the loved ones know they remain in their prayers.”

Finally, in response to not visiting Uvalde more, Governor Abbott said:

“I’ve been there multiple times to Uvalde for multiple purposes. Sometimes for public presentations, sometimes for grieving events and different things like that, and I will be going many more times.”

The media portrayed Governor Abbott as a victim of this disastrous event. But as a Governor he is not just sitting around with one task to accomplish. He has multiple events that he needs to consider.

In response to this tragedy, the President passed a new gun law.

Do you think Governor Abbott is doing enough for the families of the Uvalde shooting incident?

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