Here are Five Things to Know About the Heat in Texas

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Another Texas city makes it to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas or more commonly known as ERCOT. Dallas is expected to see high temperatures this week and in summer. The City is expected to set weather records with the heat that continues to dominate most of Texas.

According to Dallas Morning News, North Texas is expected to see the most 100-degree temperatures since 2013. The 100-degree weather is expected to last throughout the weekend according to the Fort Worth National Weather Service.

This past Tuesday was the 19th day of the year with 100-degree temperature.

The hottest temperature in Dallas on recorded four decades ago in 1980. Temperatures reached 113 degrees on June 27. Dallas reached 106 degrees on July 8.

Other cities in Texas also received heat warnings from ERCOT recently. Austin and Houston were informed to lower their thermostat by a degree and limit the use of appliances during the afternoon to early evening hours. In spite of the talks Governor Abbott had with ERCOT, the agency still can not handle the Texas summer.

Even though it is hot and you think you could handle the weather, you should still take some precautions. This year North Texas reported 455 heat-related injuries from May 1 to July 11 which is up from 211 responses last year.

5 Tips to help avoid heat-related injuries

MedStar recommends following these tips:

  • Hydrate: drink plenty of water and sports drinks if working out or exercising in the hot weather.
  • Cover up: wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing to prevent absorbing the sunlight and trapping heat. Also, wear a hat and wear sunscreen.
  • Ventilate: use a fan or air conditioning when inside to keep your body cool. Opening windows early in the day to circulate indoors may also help.
  • Limit activity: A heatstroke can occur in less than an hour when you engage in strenuous activity on hot days. Take a break if you feel lightheaded and hydrate yourself.
  • Check on the elderly: The elderly are vulnerable to heat-related emergencies. Ensure they have plenty of ventilation, and liquids to hydrate themself.

How are you handling the summer heat?

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