People are Challenging Governor Abbott as He Runs for Reelection

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Governor Greg Abbott is running for his third re-election campaign this year and some people are trying to do anything to find fault while governor in Austin. Two issues I came across seem normal, but this is also election year that Governor Abbott has run since announcing his reelection campaign back in January this year.

The first one is Operation Lone Star which Abbott and Attorney General Paxton created this year to combat the migrants that cross into Texas. They felt President Biden wasn’t supportive to help defend the border.

Just last week, Governor Abbott announced the Executive Order directing National Guardsman and Texas State Police to send migrants back to Mexico.

Since President Biden came into office, a record number of migrants from Mexico and other countries have attempted to cross the border. Abbott created Operation Lonestar which required the Texas National Guard and Texas police to apprehend migrants. Then this past May, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested nearly 240,000 undocumented individuals near the port of entry.

In January this year, the Texas Supreme Court said Operation Lonestar was illegal. With the aid of Ken Paxton, he found a loophole in the U.S. Constitution that allows Texas to apprehend migrants who were considered an invasion into Texas.

Abbott told Fox Sunday:

"We've turned back tens of thousands of migrants who tried to get across the border, and we denied them even coming across the border”.
"Once they cross the border, we now have two options: One is to arrest them – and we’ve made tens of thousands of arrests for people and put them in jail. And now we have this new tool, where we are now returning them to the border."

Diverting teacher funds for the border operations

Then on top of this, there is a claim that there is a new claim that Governor Abbott is diverting education funds to secure the border.

Governor Abbott has spent nearly $4 billion on the border on unbudgeted funds. There is an investigation that he diverted $1 billion in pandemic funds that the U.S. Treasury Department is investigating.

Then Texas is working to improve education for students, and there has been a lot of debate recently. On average, Texas teachers make $59,000 which is about $7,500 below the national average according to the Texas Education Agency.

Governor Abbott is doing his best to secure the border but it could be at the cost of educating children for the future.

Do you think Governor Abbott is doing his best as Texas governor?

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