Texas is Falling Apart - Is Governor Abbott or President Biden to Blame?

Tom Handy

Just a week ago, 53 migrants were found dead in a truck along I-35 in San Antonio, Texas as they were trying to cross the border.

Then since last March when Operation Lone Star began, law enforcement has made 274,000 apprehensions, and more than 16,900 criminal arrests, including human traffickers and smugglers and human traffickers according to Abbot’s spokesperson. Also, law enforcement has seized millions of lethal doses of fentanyl.

Immigration experts haven't seen much change since Operation Long Star started. Regional security expert at the Latin America office in Washington, D.C. said:

“Every data point we’ve seen about migration into Texas from Mexico shows that migrants are getting to the border in the same numbers as before. There’s no numerical evidence that it’s had any numerical impact on migrant flows.”

Then on Wednesday, Abbott spokesperson, Renae Eze said in a statement:

"All strategies remain on the table" for addressing the high number of migrants arriving at the Texas border as the state government continues to fill a void left by the federal government.
"It’s past time for President Biden—and for both parties in Congress—to do their jobs and secure our southern border. As the challenges on the border continue to increase, Texas will continue to take additional unprecedented action to address those challenges caused by the Biden Administration."

Last week, Abbott released this statement after the Supreme Court upheld the Biden administration’s 5 to 4 decision to terminate the Remain-in-Mexico policy in Biden v. Texas:

“The Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols, known as the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, is a major victory for our state, our nation, and for the safety and security of our communities. President Biden’s partisan reversal of this policy has helped fuel the record surge in illegal migrants and contributed to an environment on the border that is neither safe, orderly, nor humane. President Biden’s policies, including his brazen attempt to reverse the MPP, have benefitted the cartels and dangerous criminals at the expense of Texans. This decision will halt the Biden administration from skirting its duty to enforce federal immigration laws and will reduce the record number of migrants entering our country illegally.”

Then, in Goliad County which is Southeast of San Antonio, Judge Mike Bennett said:

“We get a lot of stopovers” of criminal foreign nationals. We are a very poor county. We have two stoplights in our county. We have a sheriff’s department with two deputies on duty at any given time. Three to four days a week we have bailouts in our county and it takes 150% of our sheriff’s department’s resources leaving the rest of the county totally unprotected.”
“We are asking the governor to do more. Clearly, it’s a responsibility of the United States government to do this. Clearly, they’re not going to do a thing.
“Governor Abbott we’re asking you to step up even more than you already have and give us the resources that we need. Our county is being overrun. Let’s deal with these people at the border and not after they’ve come into the interior of our state.”

Who do you think should take the responsibility for the migrants crossing into Texas?

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