Famed investor Cathie Wood sees six figures for Ethereum

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Ethereum has drawn a lot of criticism lately over its high gas fees. But this cryptocurrency has a lot of potential today to be a winner over Bitcoin.

Personally, I own more Ethereum than Bitcoin as I was adding more to my portfolio over the past year.

I am not an early crypto investor since I started in 2017. Since then, I have gone just about all investing in the cryptocurrency market the past few years.

Recently, I watched a video of Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood, investor, and founder of Ark Invest. She is also a big supporter of cryptocurrencies. In the video, Wood gave her assessment of Ethereum which she believes is undervalued compared to Bitcoin.

With the current Ethereum upgrade, she expects this crypto to reach six figures. Wood predicts Ethereum to reach $165,000 from its current price of $2,961 today. That is more than a 10X return on your money.

Other Ethereum predictions

Cathie Wood is not the only bullish investor on the future of Ethereum.

Coinstack’s Ryan Allis also sees six figures for Ethereum. He predicts Ethereum will reach $150,321 by 2029.

Allis expects Ethereum’s cash flow to increase in the upcoming years. He said:

“I estimate that by about December 30 we’ll have about 110 million ETH versus 119 million today.”

These are his predictions:

Screenshot from Coinstack

Then Bitcoin.com conducted a survey with 33 panelists who gave their predictions. They predict Ethereum could reach $10,810 by 2025 and then double to $26,338 by 2030.

Overall, there is some bullish sentiment on the future of Ethereum.

Why Ethereum could see a 10X return

The cryptocurrency created by Vitalik Buterin and other founders is a gateway to other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, NFTs, and decentralized finance or Defi lending.

Then with Ethereum’s fork to Ethereum 2.0, this will transform the project from proof of work to proof of stake. Then Ethereum 2.0 will also become more deflationary as Ethereum is burning tokens.

To date, Ethereum has burned 1,824,487 according to Watch the Burn. This burning is part of Ethereum’s EIP-1559 that started in 2021.

Last year, Ethereum burned 1.2 million Ethereum in a four-month time period.

For the full video from Cathie Wood, you can watch it below.

Where do you see Ethereum’s price go in the future?

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