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A Texas Mayor Gives his State of the City Address

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The Mayor of Dallas, Texas gave his State of the City address.

This was Mayor Eric Johnson’s third State of the City address as the Dallas Mayor. Johnson laid out a blueprint for regional competition.

According to the Dallas News, Mayor Johnson stated he wants Dallas to be the “economic engine for the entire region.” Johnson warned that “regionalism will leave the city of Dallas in the dust of new construction to the north.”

In Johnson’s address, these are some key points in his speech:

“The economic playing field is changing. And while we’ve long known that we’re competing nationally with other major cities, we’ve been slower to recognize the serious challenges right here in our own backyard. The cities that we used to call our bedroom communities have caught us napping over the years, and every time we’ve rested on our laurels, our regional competitors have lured away residents and businesses with the promise of better schools, better infrastructure, better amenities, lower crime rates, lower taxes.”

Mayor Johnson had originally planned to have the State of the Union address on November 4. Due to a COVID infection, he had to delay the speech until November 17.

Johnson pointed out that Dallas has a role in regional partnerships and he wanted the City to be successful and an integral part that the City provides.

According to the Dallas News, Mayor Johnson highlighted the city’s $25 million contributions to house more than 2,700 homeless people in Dallas and Collin counties by 2023. Johnson added the key infrastructure of the City’s investment in DART’s extensive transit system.

Mayor Johnson mentioned the importance of the management of a water reservoir system that provides service to more than 20 customer cities and entities.

The City taxpayers provide support to the area’s critical public hospital in Parkland. The investment has benefited all of North Texas.

Dallas must remain a regional problem-solver, and seize opportunities as they arise. Dallas continues to benefit greater North Texas.

The Dallas News highlighted Mayor Johnson’s State of the City address where he stressed the Dallas’ budget. The budget allocated funds that support the police department and public safety. Johnson also mentioned prioritizing economic and workforce development in southern Dallas and tackling ethics reform to weed out City Hall corruption.

Mayor Johnson was elected in June 2019. Johnson is the 60th Mayor of the City.

To hear the full speech from Mayor Johnson, watch the video below:

What else can Mayor Johnson do to make improvements for Dallas?

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