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A Texas School District Offers a Bonus to Employees

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Dallas Independent School District is having a hard time keeping teachers, so they came up with a plan to offer teacher bonuses.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the bonuses will be paid out in three installments over the next two years. They are September 2022, December 2022, and May 2023. Teachers can earn up to $3,500 in retention bonuses in the school year.

The bonus is not tied to this year but is an incentive for teachers to return in the next school year.

The educator bonus is tied to the DISD’s pay-for-performance system. There isn’t a standard bonus for teachers since teachers who are more highly rated will receive a larger bonus.

For educators who are not on the pay-for-performance system, the highest bonus they will receive is $2,500.

For educators with an unsatisfactory ranking, the most they can receive is a $500 bonus.

The DISD website highlights the main points of the pay-for-performance system:

– Supports the recruitment and retention of highly motivated and effective teachers.
– Differentiates salaries to reward teachers who perform well and raise student achievement results.
– Enables the organization to shift compensation from factors that have questionable impact on student achievement to those that do.
– Rewards professionalism and leadership.

Dallas and other school districts are having a hard time filling positions.

Rena Honea, president of Alliance/AFT, approved the school district’s move. However, she wished the money was available to staffers this school year.

Honea said:

“We have a lot of classrooms that still do not have teachers of record that are instructing the students, so very possibly they are thinking this is a way to encourage people to come back. I hate that those that are retiring or leaving the district this year will not be recipients of this incentive.”

Where DISD is getting the money from?

The school district is using federal pandemic aid to fund this initiative according to Robert Abel, the district’s acting chief of Human Capital Management.

It is unlikely you will see your property taxes tied to the retention bonus.

Abel added:

“In a competitive market, this retention incentive will not only help us keep the outstanding staff who have been working tirelessly for our students this year but will also give us an advantage in recruiting staff to fill existing vacancies in our campuses and departments. We know everyone from teachers to maintenance and bus drivers have been giving it their all to help create a learning environment in which our students can be successful, and we wanted to recognize their efforts and tell them they are valued.”

Do you think the DISD educator bonus will work?

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