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You'll be Furious When a Black Plano Student is Forced to Drink Classmates' Urine

Tom Handy

The Plano Police and Plano Independent School District are investing the crime. by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

A 13-year-old black student was forced to drink a classmate’s urine and was bullied at a sleepover he was recently invited to in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. The student’s mother reported the incident to the Plano school and police. As a parent, I would be furious if this were my son.

A former football teammate befriended the student and invited him to a sleepover. Little did he know what the students had been planned for him. While at the sleepover several white students shot SeMarion with BB guns. When the boy was asleep they beat and slapped him and called him racial slurs. Then the students forced him to drink their urine.

The Plano student is in need of therapy and about two days ago a GoFundMe account was created. The goal is to raise $50,000 and over $40,000 was received from 1.087 people who donated for this horrible crime.

At a press conference outside of the Plano police department, hundreds of protestors gathered.

Hate Crime Video from YouTube

On Friday, Summer Steele met with the Plano police Chief Ed Drain.

Steele posted the video online after the school ignored when Haggard Middle School ignored her complaints.

When the student was invited to the sleepover, he and his mom had no idea who was going to be at the sleepover. At the sleepover, the boy’s bullies showed up at the party.

Smith expressed her anger and wrote this on her Facebook page.

“Imagine being a happy kid who loves making people smile and having a good time… Imagine your classmates and football team members turning on you and targeting you. Imagine a group of those same football team members attacking you in the locker-room with a belt… Imagine being hit in the private area and when you tell an adult you are told ‘boys will be boys.’”

Smith said, “This is beyond bullying.”

His inhaler was taken away, he was called racial and homophobic slurs, attacked with a BB gun, and forced to drink urine from a cup.

The video was shared with multiple students at the boy’s school.

Activists are calling for this to be a federal hate crime.

An attorney for the family, Kim Cole, said this was a racially motivated hate crime.

In 2018, there were over 7,000 hate crimes as reported by law enforcement. 

A hate crime is directed toward an individual because the victim was actual or perceived:

  • ancestry or national origin
  • color
  • disability
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • race
  • religion, or
  • sexual orientation.

In 2010, Texas reported about 50% of hate crimes were racial incidents. For Texas, 6.5% or 11 total hate crimes occurred in schools/colleges.

The Plan Independent School District said they were working with the campus and local law enforcement.

The district said in a statement, “Our district does not tolerate or condone bullying or harassing behavior, and is taking prompt and remedial action to address concerns.” 

Because the incident involves students, they could not release the punishment or disciplinary matters.

The Plano police department said the case was assigned to a juvenile detective.

Plano police said, “The Detective and School Resource Officer will continue to work with Plano ISD officials to conduct a full and thorough investigation in an effort to identify any criminal offenses that might have occurred during and prior to this incident.”

Bullying should not be condoned at any age. Parents as well as schools should educate their students that bullying is wrong no matter how different another student may be.

The earlier a student learns what is bullying, they will be able to prevent incidents like this from happening as a teenager and as an adult.

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