3 Things Philadelphia's Joel Embiid Can Teach You About Sacrifice

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Embiid’s habits are making him a candidate for Most Valuable Player.

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In life, NBA player Joel Embiid’s on and off the court habits show that sacrifice is necessary to get better in your profession. Philadelphia 76er Joel Embiid was selected to the All-Star game for March 7 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

Embiid was selected to the NBA All-Star game for his 4th year in a row. He is the first 76ers starter named to four straight All-Star games since former 76er and Hall of Famer Allen Iverson in 2000–2006. Other 76ers who played more times in the All-Star game include Hall of Famers Dr. J. or Julius Erving (11), Dolph Schayes (11), Allen Iverson (8), and Charles Barkley (6)

Embiid wanted to donate his $100,000 All-Star money to homeless shelters and people in Philadelphia Project HOME, Sunday Breakfast Mission, and Youth Service Inc. Embiid’s donation will provide 15,000 meals, 4,000 essential clothing items, provide care and treatment for 1,000 homeless people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, Embiid’s money will support more than 30 homeless families; funding for a six-week summer camp for 50 homeless and at-risk youth; and shelter for over 300 teens facing either homelessness. 

Off-Season workout

Drew Hanlen, Sixers player development coach Chris Babcock, a chef, nutritionist, physical therapist, and massage therapist. 

“We’d basically go until he passed out,” Hanlen said. 

With Embiid’s off-season training, this has paid off for him. He spent more time working out with a goal to take the 76ers to the NBA finals. Embiid wanted to start the season healthy and in shape. 

More action and less talk

Since entering the league, Joel Embiid is known for his trash talk on and off the court. This season he is not talking as much and letting his play speak for itself.

“I want to dominate on the offensive end, but mainly the defensive end. That’s the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year,” said Embiid

Embiid is playing his best season in the NBA. While averaging 30 points, 41% three-pointers, 85% free throw percentage, and 11.6 rebounds a game. With Seth Curry taking 3 pointers, this frees up space for Embiid on the court. 

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Embiid used to have the worst diet during the season

While at the University of Kansas, his coach, Bill Self, said Embiid would come to his house and head straight to the desserts. Self said Embiid was the “least mature eater he ever encountered.” Embiid would only eat desserts and his take-home plate were desserts.

In a 2015 Sports Illustrated story, Embiid’s Philadelphia hotel refrigerator was stocked with healthy food. Each week the staff would come in to replace the food and none of the healthy food was touched. They started to worry about what Embiid was eating. The team checked Embiid’s hotel charges and they saw he was ordering junk food along with his signature drink, a Shirley Temple. During and after games, Embiid was eating chicken fingers and hot dogs.

During this past off-season, Embiid hired a personal chef to help him eat better. Growing up in Cameron, Embiid said he never ate vegetables. The change in his eating habits has allowed Embiid to play longer on the basketball court with few injuries than in the past.

The Philadelphia 76ers are in 1st place with a half-game lead over the Brooklyn Nets. They have the best winning percentage of any team in the Eastern Conference.

With a new coach, Doc Rivers is getting the best out of Embiid and the team. With the remainder of the season to go, this will be interesting to see how far Embiid can lead the 76ers in the playoffs.

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