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Governor Abbott Could Be Putting the Lives of Texas Citizens In More Danger

Tom Handy

Don’t be fooled. The coronavirus vaccine doesn’t work 100 percent.

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Governor Abbott lifted the mask mandate in the state of Texas and allowed businesses to open 100 percent. Though the mask mandate is lifted, not everyone has received the COVID vaccine. Studies show that a person who has received the vaccine, this does not prevent them from getting infected.

The governor has made mistakes in the past regarding the safety of Texas residents in relation to the virus. Time will tell if he acted too fast with the executive order.

On March 2, Governor Abbott issued Executive Order (GA-34) that lifted the mask mandate in Texas and opened all businesses and facilities 100 percent with an effective date of March 10.

Texas is the third leading state based on the number of deaths related to COVID.

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Did Governor Abbott opened up the state of Texas too early?

People are getting too comfortable, too soon

Today, I was exercising at EP Fitness in El Paso, Texas. In the gym, about half the people were joking and talking with others without wearing a mask. Several people ignored the six-foot requirement and were about two to three feet away from other people in the gym.

A few days ago, this didn’t happen. People respected each other’s space even while not wearing a mask.

Last year, El Paso had high numbers of people who had COVID-19. In November, the city had to request mobile morgues in addition to six trailers. The state had to send 1,400 people to assist city hospitals. At the time, El Paso had more people with COVID than 29 other states. 

Last month, El Paso had 182 new COVID-19 cases and 41 deaths. This was the second-highest number of fatalities since the city had 44 deaths in December.

It is possible the same nonchalant attitude about COVID will happen in other Texas cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and others.

What you need to know about the COVID Vaccine

Though Governor Abbott signed the order to open up Texas, many people still have not received their COVID vaccine. About 13 percent of Texans have received the first dose. For the second vaccine shot, only 7.5 percent have received this. 

Even after you have received the vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it takes a few weeks for your body to build protection against the virus. It is still possible to get COVID-19 after receiving the vaccination. The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19.

The CDC recommends continuing to practice the tools you learned to avoid getting COVID. These steps will help you avoid getting COVID and stop the spread of the virus.

Scientists are still learning how the vaccine prevents you from spreading the virus to others. If you receive the COVID vaccine, there is a chance you can carry and spread the virus to others. You have an “asymptomatic infection” showing no signs of carrying the virus. You will not get COVID but you still carry the virus and can spread it to others.

Five steps you should consider to avoid getting COVID

There is no guarantee these steps will prevent you from getting COVID. These precautions will help increase your chance of not getting infected. 

The following steps are recommended by the CDC

1. Continue to wear your mask.

2. Continue to practice safe distance from others.

3. Wash your hands often.

4. Avoid crowds.

5. Avoid poorly ventilated locations.

Basically, you should not let your guard down too early. The coronavirus is still affecting and killing people every day.

Usually, you don’t know who has or hasn’t received the COVID vaccine. Then you don’t know when they received the vaccine which takes a few weeks to enter their system.

For your safety, you should wait until the vaccine percentage rises higher for your city. Additionally, scientists are continuing to study the effects of the vaccine. 

Millions of people have received the vaccine and you may have some side effects. Some side effects are chills, tiredness, and soreness. 

Hopefully, Governor Abbott made the right decision and the state does not go backward with an increase in the number of COIVID-19 cases and deaths.

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