Everything You Need For a Great Monday

Tom Handy

Start Your Week on the Right Foot

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You either love or hate Mondays.

There is no difference.

So you have to ask yourself, why do you hate Mondays?

Yes, this is psychological.

Maybe you need to fake it to get through the day.

You may possibly have to force yourself to wake up.

Maybe you don’t like working for so and so.

It could be your job isn’t exciting anymore.

Maybe you hate the commute.

There may be others so you can fill in the blank.

I’m not a psychologist but have had to change my focus to love Mondays.

It’s a new week.

You have new goals to conquer.

Maybe you are waiting to sell a stock to take profits after a good week.

You get to start another day working out.

You could be ready to start writing another article on Medium. Hint. Hint.

Maybe you had a bad week of eating too much. This is the perfect day to restart your diet or intermittent fast to begin your week.

Yes, Monday is psychological no matter how you look at it.

Monday is just another day of the week.

You can make Monday your best day of the week or you can make it your worst day of the week.

No one can decide that but YOU.

Do you love or hate Mondays?

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