7 Things Donald Trump Can Teach You About Branding

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The Art of the Deal may have backfired for the President


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As the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump is a marketing genius. Did he go too far as his branding is going in the opposite direction?

President Trump started off great when he took over the White House as he moved on from reality TV with “The Apprentice” and put his real estate investing on hold. A lot of people were unsure how the billionaire and businessman would do while in the highest seat in office.

Trump was not your typical politician. He was all business. As president, he broke the ranks and worked with, as well as angered, both sides of the party. Trump also angered a lot of conservatives and liberals at the same time. He must have put “The Art of the Deal” into action as president.

As president, Trump brought a different agenda. As far as branding, he already established himself as a businessman. He was well known. With several books written, a TV show, and real estate properties around the world, everyone knew Donald Trump.

His next venture as president of the United States of America was the next challenge. After four years in office, this chapter is about to end.

After losing to President-elect Biden, Trump has angered businesses, countries, and many US citizens.

What else has President Trump done? Many things Trump has done has backfired for him as a result of his supporters storming the Capitol. Here is a running list of the most popular ones.

1. Twitter (33 million followers) banned him for life.

2. Facebook (33 million followers) and Instagram (24 million followers) banned Trump for 30 days.

3. Amazon, Apple, and Google banned conservative site Parler.

4. The PGA canceled plans to play its 2022 championship at Trump’s Bedminster Golf course.

5. Political donation committees from Blue Cross Blue shield, Commerce Bancshares, and Marriot pulled support from Republican lawmakers.

6. Several Republicans (Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski) support the 25th Amendment which calls for the removal of the president.

7. House Democrats unveiled an article of impeachment after he incited insurrection at the Capitol building on January 6.

I am sure more is going to follow as the dust begins to settle from the demonstrators in Washington, DC. These actions could see more trouble for Donald Trump.

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