D.I.Y. Gift Ideas Using Custom Patches

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"In the era of fashionable things, the beauty of handmade gifts has its own happiness", Priyanka Thakur

Do you know that 81% of people who purchase handmade items share the reason for buying the handmade item is that they are unique? If you are planning to gift someone something unique, there is no better gift than handmade stuff. Handcrafted gifts are not just a present but an effort to make someone smile. Since we all are looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, how about making some cute gifts for our friends?

Since you're graduating soon, D.I.Y. gifts can also be given to your friends and squad. When life happens, we all lose contact. Even though this is the generation of social media, keeping in touch with each other is a hassle in this busy routine. How about gifting them different accessories by differentiating them with custom patches?

D.I.Y. Gift Ideas using Custom Patches

Although you can make many things, using a custom patch will help you gift creative handicrafts to your friends. Since we all watch movies and different shows, all your friends must be fans of any movie. If not a movie fan, then a supporter of a sports team, army men, a band, or a person. Just imagine how your bestie will react while receiving a fully customized F.R.I.E.N.D.S bag pack. If this idea sounds interesting, keep reading. We have many other interesting ideas for D.I.Y. gifts for you.

We are focusing on the custom patches because they are beautiful and unique, plus they can create differentiation. Every friend of yours will receive a unique gift (based on their interest) that they will undoubtedly remember for their whole life. If you don't know how to make patches, there are a lot of patches maker to help you.

Super Hero's Jackets

You must have guys in your group, if not, then girls are no less than guys. Now, even girls watch action movies and superheroes as 47% of the marvel fans are girls. So, you can make a jacket by sewing different superhero logos on it and gift it to the one who likes it. Buy a denim jacket or a cotton jacket (the denim one will give a more stylish look). Place some marvel-themed icon badges on the jacket and gift it to one of the marvel fans in your group. The smile on their face will be enough to make your whole day.

Military Bag Pack

We all have that one friend in the group filled up with patriotism and who wants to make sacrifices for his nation. But, extremely loving parents and patriotic dreams cannot go hand in hand. How will the mother who never lets her son/daughter stay out till late allow the piece of her heart to stay on the border? Well, your bag pack may not take them out of this situation, but it can bring a smile to their face. Place some gun patches, military signs, and army logos on a military grey bag and gift it to them. Your present will be the most memorable present for them.

Cute Tops

Help your baby-faced friend steal the show's limelight by gifting them a top with cute sticker patches. Cute shirts make us look great, but they suit baby-faced adults the most because the style compliments them. Order some embroidered patches uk or sew some patches by yourself. You know, buying a gift will not be as lovely as making it on your own so.

If you are confused about what cute stickers you should place on the shirt, we have some ideas for you.

Place a minion, the cutest creation of Disney.

Make a "we bear bare" themed shirt

The ghost emoji of Snapchat can also make your gift look adorable.

If they are not cartoon movie fans, you can place cute icons like ice cream, hearts, stars, or anything like that.

Classy Logos on the Hat

You must know how classy they look if you have seen the caps with leather badges on them. Leather patches are most common on baseball caps. 6 years ago, research was conducted which shows that 43 million baseball caps are sold in the U.S. annually. Now the ratio must have increased, considering our planet's growing population. The research also shows that among people who use head lids, 51% of them prefer baseball caps. If any of your friends belong to that 51%, customize their hats with some leather patches and gift the lids to them. You will see them wearing your present all day long.

Funky Patches on Jeans

'Jeans are always a good idea; when in doubt, wear denim because fashion fades, but denim is eternal'.

Who doesn't wear jeans in winter? Although wearing denim is not season, it becomes a necessity during winter. It is one of the clothing materials that keep us warm. A friend of yours, who wears funky colors or outfits, will surely wear a jazzy bottom present from you.

Order some Funky patch stickers for any professional patch maker and place them on the jeans. Gift it to your groovy mate and make their day. Help them set the stage on fire by wearing jeans with funky patches on.

Help enhance the identity of the business.

If you have an enthusiastic mate in your friend circle who wishes to be a big businessman, help them with the custom patches. You can print their logo on a patch if they started to work on their idea. Sewing their identification in the form of an embroidered patch will also be great. Gift them the patches to distribute or place on their staff's uniform. Help them market their services with the help of custom patches.

Customized Bag Packs:

We gave you the idea of a military bag pack above. Similarly, you can decorate a bag in some other ways as well. Make some badges based on your favorite T.V. show or Band of your friend. If you are not proficient enough, you can also place an order for some patches. Now, buy a bag of their favorite show's theme's color and place the themed patches on it.

For example: If your friend is a money heist fan, buy a red bag and place the Dali mask patch on it. Gift them the bag and see their excitement carrying it around.


Showing your love when you are in a long distanced relationship is hard. You may love them a lot, but showing the same love online isn't easy. No doubt, adulthood is scheduling a meeting time with your friends like "are you free this Friday from 4 pm to 5 pm?"

Well, when life is so busy that even showing love is difficult, how about storing it in a gift? D.I.Y. gifts are a great way to reserve all your love and gift it to someone. When you have the option to make custom patches, you can gift personalized love to each of your friends now. Make something you wish existed, and bless your squad with your lovely creations.

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