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Pelle Pelle

Since 1978, the Michigan-based fashion design company Pelle Pelle has made leather outerwear. Since then, Pelle Pelle's collection of leather items, which now includes coats, purses, belts, and other accessories, has been known simply as "Pelle Leather." The name "Pelle Leather" refers to a manufacturer's products rather than a tanning or coloring procedure.


Pelle Pelle was established in 1978 by Marc Buchanan to produce a brand of leather outerwear that wasn't afraid to stand out. Despite the mixed reactions from critics who referred to it as flashy or eye-catching, Pelle Pelle's leather has never been known for its conservatism. Pelle Pelle leather, which has always catered to urban preferences, has a connection to hip-hop culture, notably since it launched a lifestyle line that was the first to provide baggy, oversized pants.

Men's Outerwear

The luxurious look of Pelle Pelle's leather menswear hasn't changed in recent years. Pelle Pelle's use of leather frequently chooses to dress it up more than to let its natural features show through, modernizing the traditional studded-leather aesthetic of punk and metal into something more urban with dazzling appliqués and bold, patch-emblazoned iconography. Pelle Pelle's leather jackets are still distinctive 30 years after the brand's inception, thanks to additional features like embossing and sizable faux-diamond back pieces.

Women's Outerwear

Although Pelle Pelle plays up the ladies' line with additional use of studded rhinestones, secondly, he emphasizes high-detail graphics. With thousands of stones and studs used in pieces with larger back packages, its women's leather jacket lines generally follow the same trends as its men's lines. Pelle Pelle leather jackets weigh significantly more than conventional jackets due to the weight of the appliqués, studs, and the natural heft of leather.


Pelle Pelle began offering a brand of leather handbags for women in 2010. These handbags include leather-on-leather appliqués and incredibly intricate rhinestone and stud detail work, borrowing styling cues from the jacket lines. Pelle Pelle handbags are a logical progression from jackets because they can match a Pelle Pelle jacket's style or be used as a standalone accessory. In addition, leather handbags are made using Buchanan's original outerwear components' fine craftsmanship and elegant design.


Belts were an obvious choice to be added to the Pelle Pelle range for a business known for its leatherwork. While some of Buchanan's crazier design concepts are constrained by the tiny size and practicality of belts, Pelle Pelle belts, like the company's handbags, emphasize the solid designs for which Pelle Pelle has long been known.

How did it start?

He started supplying his goods to smaller, independent stores like City Blue in Philadelphia and Blue Jeans in New York. His distinctive designs found the best markets at the stores frequented by hip-hop celebrities and their supporters. The hottest stars and their fans quickly purchased them. Pelle Pelle, called after the Italian word for leather, reached its pinnacle in 2002 with a $60 million revenue.

When and Why Pelle Pelle was Fined?

The Federal Trade Commission fined Pelle Pelle $40,000 in 2003 for incorrectly labeling various men's jackets and pants. Although the clothing was marked as machine washable, washing it caused damage to the items.

About Marc Buchanan

Marc Buchanan Pelle, the Pelle Pelle company’s owner, is exceptionally reserved. He is relatively unknown, and the only online image of him appears to be a blurred one.

Buchanan refused to permit the sale of Pelle Pelle in department stores. He liked his relationships with little independents because he believed they were less mercenary than they were.

Pelle Pelle quietly left the market in 2018 with little to no justification. But now that many of the small specialized businesses he worked with started closing, Buchanan has finally admitted that the reason for the brand's abrupt demise was the difficulties he encountered.

Why Pelle Pelle’s Jackets Got Fame?

Pelle Pelle drew inspiration from an Italian word and was able to inspire a cultural and stylistic revolution. Indeed, he forever changed the look of American hip-hop in the 1980s and 1990s with its brightly colored leather jackets, extra-large logos, and prints that set one generation apart.

Hip-hop artists and celebrities both love Pelle Pelle. Many famous people have worn this fantastic brand, including Bobby Brown, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Young Dre The Truth, and NFL player Marques Colston. Additionally, the company was recently commissioned to create a unique embroidery jacket for a well-known hip-hop group to wear to their induction into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Pelle Pelle's leather collection stands out from the competition due to its original designs and voguish contrast of unique colors. In addition, amazing jackets with vibrant, eye-catching colors and vintage-inspired details can be seen in the collection. You may travel back in time with this outfit.

How will the Pelle Pelle brand impact the fashion industry?

Pelle Pelle is a stylish brand with lasting values. Despite a little drop in popularity, the brand still has a promising future in the fashion sector. You already know that the globe is full of hip-hoppers and those who prefer classy-retro heritage. They were the original owners of these jackets. We are confident they will return to the fashion industry because of their antique value. Fans of Vintage Style will be thrilled to hear some recent developments. Pelle Pelle Jackets will provide you with the same heritage values you cherish.

Summing Up!

When the storied Pelle Pelle company closed its doors in 2019, after around four decades of dominating the hearts of leather enthusiasts, the followers began to miss them. Nevertheless, it has been the only brand offering warm and fashionable clothing for many people.

When the company launched in 1970, it completely changed how people viewed fashion with its cutting-edge, alluring designs. Marc Buchanan's vividly colored, expressive designs give the apparel business an exciting spirit.

Everyone, from famous people to recognizable TV characters, proudly wore items created by Marc Buchanan. In addition, his brand's reputation skyrocketed thanks to the use of its clothing items in well-known TV sitcoms.

Everyone wants to look their best, whether hanging out with friends at a coffee shop or riding their bikes on a night out. A Pelle Pelle Jacket will make you stand out at this moment.

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