7 Ways to Create Reader-Engaging Topics for Content Marketing

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What’s the key to perfect marketing content? It’s those flawlessly crafted titles. The title is the first thing you read right before clicking on an article. And let’s just agree that not every title is worth clicking; some articles don’t even have anything in them. If you know how to create titles for your articles and blog post, you are good to go; none can pin you down. 

You can use various tools to create titles for your blog posts. These tools not only help you with the titles but also with keywords. Such tools work well for those writers who spend hours composing an article but can’t decide what should be the title for it. Now, we don’t find it absurd whether you generate titles in the beginning or after you are done with your content. But the thing is that you must make it relevant to each other. Plus, interesting. Your title must be catchy, always! 

7 Ways to Amend Titles for Marketing Content to make it Engaging

In the following article, we’ll be unfolding seven interesting ways that you can utilize to create an ideal title for your next blog! However, it does not mean that you can’t take help from any other medium. Sure, you can, and you must. There is no shame in taking help when it’s needed. Alright? Anyhow, let’s get rolling! 

What’s the Key?

Do you know the secret to becoming one of the best eBook writers? Their keyword research is always on point. They know what’s trending and what can be beneficial for them. Keywords play a great role when it comes to marketing content. For instance, you are supposed to write an article about automobiles, now the very first thing you are required to do is research the most trending topics. Developing an understanding of this particular thing can be difficult but if you are capable enough, it won’t be a big deal for you. 

Rather Pop the Question

Instead of making a statement, rather ask a question is your titles. Do you know which blog posts get ranked easily? The one with the right keyword placement along with an interrogative title. Search engines rank these articles often because they are more knowledgeable than other blog posts. You often read descriptive articles with titles starting with what, why, where, and how. These are called engaging titles because they gather an audience more than usual. 

Never Mislead 

Let’s say, you have created a mind-boggling title, but your content has nothing relatable. Do you expect to receive positive reviews for that? If you do then you aren’t on the right path friend! No matter what happens, never mislead a reader because after that he won’t even visit your blog posts. This will affect your conversion rate and might also increase the bounce rate. Thus, to avoid such inconvenience, make sure you work with all honesty and don’t mislead people. 

You can use Digits in the Title 

Digits, charts, and stats are the things that show the authenticity of your content. It tells people that you did not write anything just like that; instead, you have read about that thoroughly. Titles such as The 10 most incredible book marketing services or 20 ways to fight diabetes can generate more traffic than any other article. When you add numbers to your title, it indicates that the content is based on research and might be helpful for the reader. So yea, another way to create an engaging title for marketing content!

Do Comparison 

This vs. That, Cardio vs. Zumba, City vs. Countryside! This is what you call comparison and who doesn’t like it when you compare two things out of nowhere? People love to read comparisons because it helps them to make fair choices based on facts. We remembered that once, we had to move out but we did not know much about this particular place, luckily we found an article about it. It was more of a comparison; besides, that was what we were looking for. And to our surprise, each thing in that piece of writing was true about the place, which helped us make a final decision. 

Create a Guide 

Another way to get people to click on your blog is to make sure it’s a guide. No, we aren’t saying that you portray. The reader needs to know a genuine guide that includes every important thing. Whether it’s related to health sciences, technology, art craft, or even Marvel comics. Because who are we kidding? Half the world is a Marvel fan. Anyhow, blogs that are more of a guide gain more attention than a normal blog posts. Say you are writing about eBook writing services. A better way to put it into words would be “A brief guide to eBook writing services or Here’s everything you must know about eBook writing — A precise Guide” When you create a title containing the word “guide,” it automatically becomes attractive. However, you can mold it the way you want! 

Make it More Fun

Creating marketing content is surely not an easy thing, and that’s exactly why you need to make it more fun. But how are you supposed to do that without ruining the whole idea? Well, you use infographics, for that matter. For those who don’t know, as the name shows, it contains graphics! Collection of pie charts, visualization, imagery, bar graphs, and things like that. Infographics are common, and if you say you haven’t witnessed it in marketing content yet, we won’t believe it. It generates more traffic because it contains images and graphs, which is the main attraction for readers! 


As they say, the world is your oyster; hence, you must never stop experimenting. Writing is a game of words; if you can’t play with them, what else can be expected from you? Apart from the fact that it’s easier to intrigue readers with the help of catchy headlines and titles. You can do much more than that. Both content and its title need your attention, you can’t just ignore one thing and expect another to do wonders for you. 

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