Marjorie Taylor-Greene Alleges that Another Republican was 'Physically Aggressive' Towards Her

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MTG's allegations unlikely to improve her standing in the GOP
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On December 5, it was reported that Georgia's most-outspoken and controversial Republican - Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene - has apparently alleged that she was recently subjected to physical aggression by another House Republican - Rep. Richard McCormick, also of Georgia.

The allegations were made in a meeting held between Georgia's MTG and the recently-appointed Republican Speaker of the House - Mike Johnson - after an apparent confrontration between Taylor-Greene and McCormick. The two were both preparing to introduce similar resolutions against a Democrat, and McCormick is alleged to have made what he believed to be a friendly gesture towards his fellow-Georgia Republican.

As he put it:

“I understand why there would be a lot of raw emotions following the censure vote given that her censure was tabled and mine passed. My intention was to encourage Rep. Greene by making a friendly gesture."

Clearly, his intent was lost on the Georgia Republican, and has resulted in her alleging that his gesture was physically aggressive, a matter that will now have to be investigated by Speaker Johnson. Such distractions are likely to further distract from the business of actually passing legislation and point once again to a Republican party that is fragmented and full of politicians fighting amongst themselves.
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MTG has made similar allegations before

When it comes to making allegations of being a victim of threatening behavior from her fellow-politicians, this is something that Taylor-Greene has done before. The pair clashed outside of Congress in May, over the conduct of the New York Republican George Santos.

While Santos has since been expelled from Congress, MTG spoke of the clash at the time and suggested she had been intimidated and verbally assaulted by Bowman during the exchange. They had also clashed when MTG visited New York to protest outside of the courtroom where the one-term former president Donald Trump was being indicted.

Perhaps after spotting a way of taking her revenge on Bowman, MTG has recently announced her latest proposal - to pursue the censure of the New York Democrat Bowman, for pulling a fire alarm within the Capitol complex, which interfered with voting in the House of Representatives. Taylor-Greene has alleged that Bowman did this on purpose, where he claims it was done by accident as he tried to get through a locked door.

MTG falling out with Dems and Republicans

Her disagreements with Democrats like Bowman and another New York Democrat - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - are perhaps to be expected for such a vocal and divisive character as Marjorie Taylor-Greene. But her recent spat with fellow Georgia Republican Richard McCormick, demonstrates that she may be struggling for allies on either side of the aisle.

While she continues to pursue her pet-projects and initiatives, attempting to push through controversial legislation, the fact that many Republicans have turned their backs on her and voted with Democrats, demonstrates that she may have lost what support she had.

Time will tell whether there are consequences for McCormick and whether MTG's complaints will be taken seriously or not.

Do you think that Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene is doing a good job of serving the people who elected her? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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