Marjorie Taylor-Greene Slams GOP Speaker Johnson Over “A Total Sell-Out of Conservative Principles”

Toby Hazlewood

Will this be the final straw for Georgia's MTG?
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On December 6, rumors emerged that the recently-appointed Republican Speaker of the House - Mike Johnson - was in the process of cutting a deal with Democrat Chuck Schumer to agree a mutually-acceptable National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

As that news landed, Georgia's most-outspoken and divisive Republican - Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene - took to Twitter to rage about it, and to slam Johnson for the role he's played.

After initially welcoming the appointment of the conservative Republican Johnson to his position, just as she had when Kevin McCarthy was appointed earlier this year, Taylor-Greene appears to have cooled towards the Louisiana Republican.

She was disappointed by the news that Johnson hadn't considered her evidence of alleged financial corruption in the business affairs of President Joe Biden as sufficient proof to impeach the Democrat. And on December 6, it seems as though she has another reason to be angry at Johnson.

As MTG put it:

"OUTRAGEOUS: Leadership is asking members of the NDAA “conference” to sign the 3000+ page conference report which is being released behind closed doors without even getting time to read it! Speaker Johnson worked with Chuck Schumer to cut a deal that removes all prohibitions we passed under Speaker McCarthy."

She continued, stating clearly what she really thinks of the situation:

"This was a total sell-out of conservative principles and a huge win for Democrats."
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Whether the NDAA bill will get approved, remains to be seen. But with the Republican majority in the House of Representatives narrowing further with the recent expulsion of George Santos by his Republican colleagues, the GOP's chances of getting any legislation approved or being able to block Democrat sponsored initiatives, has become even more slim.

Further fractures within the GOP

While she's used to being attacked by Democrats, in recent weeks Marjorie Taylor-Greene has repeatedly complained of fractures within the GOP that are causing her bills and proposals (including repeated attempts to impeach Democrats), falling apart before they go anywhere.

She has suggested she understands why Republican voters are frustrated with her party, and yet doesn't seem to believe that she's played a part in that division.

It could be argued that by distancing himself from the most-vocal and outspoken Republicans such as MTG and her fellow MAGA-Republican - Matt Gaetz of Florida - Mike Johnson is playing a smart game. That said, the recent removal of Kevin McCarthy from the speaker's chair, and the appointment of Johnson in his place, demonstrates that the divisions amongst Republicans can quickly see people ousted from their positions.

What happens next?

If the NDAA bill were to be approved, then it could also see an extension to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which is shortly to expire also. If the temporary extension went through, it would align timescales to the wider government funding bill that was also approved on a temporary basis in the last few weeks.

It could mean therefore that there's even more at stake for House Republicans to reach agreement upon, when Congress reconvenes after the holidays. Time will tell how that goes.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene is right to be worried about the fractures and lack of unity within the Republican party? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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