Ron DeSantis Challenges One-Term Former President: “Are You Running for Your Personal Issues?”

Toby Hazlewood

DeSantis and allies question opponent's motives

On December 3, Florida's Republican governor and presidential hopeful - Ron DeSantis - shared his concerns over the motives of the one-term former president Donald Trump in pursuing the Republican nomination.

Speaking with network news, DeSantis suggested that Trump may be driven more by his own ego and personal desire to win, rather than out of a genuine desire to serve the American people.

Both DeSantis and the three-time loser Trump were in the state of Iowa for campaign events, and speaking to the media, DeSantis was clearly trying to differentiate himself from his opponent. As he put it, sharing a soundbite from the interview on Twitter, in the form of a question that he wants to put to Trump:

“Are you running for your personal issues or are you running for the American people’s issues? I’m running for the American people’s issues.”

Around the same time, the Republican Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds spoke to Newsmax and also attacked the one-term former president for the way he continues to attack her for having formally given her endorsement to Florida's Ron DeSantis.

While Trump is yet to respond to the comments, it seems likely that his response will take the form of more comments along the same lines as those which DeSantis and Reynolds called-out on December 3.

Will the comments annoy Trump even more?

It was less than a month ago that Kim Reynolds announced that she would be endorsing Ron DeSantis, a move that breaks traditions in the state that typically plays a big part in selecting the eventual Republican candidate. ,

At the time, DeSantis clearly felt emboldened to share his impressions on how the one-term former president Donald Trump treats Republican governors, and suggested that once again, he is driven by his ego. According to the Florida Republican, Trump's backing is given to those who pledge their loyalty to the three-time loser, regardless of whether they are fit to receive an endorsement.

As DeSantis put it,

“With Donald Trump if you don’t kiss the ring, you could be the best governor ever and he’ll trash you. You could be a terrible, corrupt politician, but if you kiss his ring, then all of a sudden he’ll praise you.”

Trump's troubles continue

While Trump is clearly intent on carrying on his campaign activities and retains a commanding lead in the various polls, a great deal of his focus and time is being dominated as he fights the various legal challenges lodged against him.
Donald Trump and Ron DeSantisPhoto byTwitter of harryjsisson

It may well come as a blow to Trump that in the case in New York, the judge has just reinstated the gag order against him which will likely prevent him from ranting in public over how unfair it is - that's if he abides by the order.

Meanwhile, there are emerging signs that some Republicans (including Reynolds) are trying to distance themselves from the one-term former president. It seems mainly figures like Laura Loomer and another of Trump's most-vocal supporters - Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene - who remain fiercely defensive of him at this point no matter what he does or says.

It remains to be seen whether the legal challenges cause Trump to have to scale back his campaigning. If this were the case, then it would seem that Florida's Ron DeSantis will have less to worry about!

Do you think that Florida's Ron DeSantis is right to call out Trump for being driven by his own ego? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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