Marjorie Taylor-Greene Outraged As Republicans Expel George Santos, Reducing House Majority to 3

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Even less chance for MTG to get bills passed?
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On December 1, as news emerged that a two-thirds majority of Republicans had voted in favor of expelling New York Republican George Santos from their ranks, Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene took to Twitter to vent her anger.

The vote that eventually removed Santos from his position (apparently in part for lying extensively while serving in Congress) occurred on the same day that Taylor-Greene reluctantly withdrew her latest motion to impeach the Secretary of Homeland Security - Alejandro Mayorkas.

She had previously lamented that Republicans were going after Santos rather than Mayorkas, and on Twitter on December 1, MTG chose to conflate this with the expulsion of Santos, apparently to claim that it shows that House Republicans have no appetite for what she sees as worthy causes, but they are happy to turn on their own.

As she put it:

"Republicans refuse to impeach any of the Democrats who are responsible for destroying our country and have so far thrown out a Republican Speaker and now expelled a Republican member."

The Georgia Republican continued:

"We now have a 3 seat majority and have another Republican resigning soon, and will have a 2 seat majority, as long as every Republican shows up when we are in session."

Following a recent series of defeats for proposals that MTG has brought to the House of Representatives, she has publicly slammed her colleagues and claimed she understands the frustration of Republican voters who just want to see unity and action. Now, with Santos gone and the Republican majority narrowed even further, it seems feasible that her political priorities will receive even less support.
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MTG's frustrations likely to continue

It's been a frustrating few weeks for Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene, after seeing bill after bill defeated, as various Republicans turn on her and side with Democrats when they cast their votes. On November 13, her previous bill to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was defeated after 8 of her Republican colleagues deserted her.

Not one to take defeat with good grace, Taylor-Greene then went on another rant on Twitter and named-and-shamed those who she'd felt were disloyal for not sharing her conviction that Mayorkas should be targeted for removal from his role. It's the same tactic as she's used in recent times when other bills she's put forwards are voted down.

After another of her recent proposals was voted down after 23 Republicans voted against her, MTG went on a rampage that targeted her former ally from Colorado - Lauren Boebert as well as Texas Rep. Chip Roy who MTG mocked on Twitter, referring to him as "Colonel Sanders". She attacked Rep. Ken Buck in the same Tweet, dismissing him as a "CNN wannabe".

Will sales of her book cheer MTG up?

The only thing that might cheer MTG up would be if her newly-released book were selling lots of copies, but even that doesn't look likely at this point. She has been relentless in promoting it, seeking out interviews with figures like Tucker Carlson (who interviewed her on Twitter), and Jimmy Kimmel (who refused to have her on his show and mocked her instead).

Meanwhile, sales appear to have been slow, and reviews online have mostly been negative. Some of her fiercest critics have been even more harsh, describing the book as "trash". It seems then, that MTG is in for a hard and disappointing winter.

Do you think that Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene is doing a good job of serving the people of Georgia? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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