Florida’s Matt Gaetz May Be Facing Another Ethics Investigation, and Forced Expulsion From the GOP

Toby Hazlewood

Gaetz may face consequences for his actions

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On November 26, just days after it had emerged that Florida's most outspoken and divisive Republican - Congressman Matt Gaetz - was filing an Ethics Committee complaint against the former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, it has since been reported that Gaetz himself may be facing a renewed investigation by the same committee.

The Florida 'firebrand' had called for an enquiry into his nemesis - the California Republican McCarthy - after it was alleged by Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee that McCarthy had sucker-punched him in the back while passing in a corridor within the Capitol. This alleged incident presented Gaetz with the perfect excuse to further his pursuit and victimization of McCarthy.

Gaetz has long been an enemy of McCarthy since before he was originally appointed speaker at the start of this year, he is credited with being the House Republican most-responsible for removing the California Republican from his position, and for throwing the House of Representatives into weeks of chaos and disorder.

He is now widely considered to be one of the least-popular members of the GOP, and as a possible consequence for his actions it would now seem that a previous ethics investigation into him may be reopened.

Gaetz struggling for support in Congress?

There exists a core of Republicans who seem likely to remain closely-allied to Matt Gaetz no matter what he does or says. While he has clashed at times, with the Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene - she suggested that he should apologize for his part in ousting McCarthy - the pair appear to remain close friends. In recent weeks, they have jointly campaigned on issues including the defunding of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (the ATF) over supposed erosions of second amendment freedoms.

Gaetz was also praised by Rep. Tim Burchett (before he alleged to have been assaulted by McCarthy), for apparently doing divine work in seeing the ultra-conservative and religious Rep Mike Johnson as the Speaker of te House to replace McCarthy.

Aside from a few edge-cases though, it seems as though Gaetz is suffering from a lack of popularity and support. A recent amendment brought by Gaetz, saw 70 Republicans siding with Democrats to defeat his proposal.

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Voters losing faith in Gaetz too

If recent surveys are to be believed, then Florida's Gaetz may also be losing ground and support from his constituents too. A poll of voters in Florida, released on November 21 by Florida Atlantic University revealed that Gaetz is viewed unfavorably by the majority of voters consulted.

Just 21% of those polled viewed Gaetz favorably, with 57% feeling unfavorably towards Florida's self-appointed 'firebrand' Republican.

Considering his flagging popularity in polls, alongside comments from some of the more outraged House Republicans, who have variously described him as escribed as "narcissistic" and a "vile person", it starts to look less-and-less likely that Gaetz will be allowed to remain in his current position.

He would have voters think otherwise of course, and at a recent GOP Freedom Summit in Kissimmee, FL, stated that in spite of the challenges coming from all quarters, he is not going anywhere".

Time will tell whether a revived ethics investigation forces his hand.

Do you think that Florida's Matt Gaetz deserves to remain in his current position within the GOP? Is he doing a good job of serving the people of Florida? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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