Marjorie Taylor-Greene Slams Republicans for Wanting To Expel George Santos, but Not Impeach Biden

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MTG frustrated that her bills go unsupported
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On November 27, Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene took to Twitter to issue another rant regarding one her current pet-frustrations - the lack of unity and focus within the Republican party, particularly when it comes to her GOP colleagues supporting her own bills and initiatives.

MTG seems perplexed that while Republicans can't unite behind any of her recent proposals - including those to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and President Joe Biden - instead they seem united about wanting to expel one of their own.

Her angry post on Twitter centers on the growing momentum within the Republican party from those who want to expel New York Republican George Santos from their ranks. On November 1, House Republicans voted on a motion to expel Santos, and he was saved after fewer than two thirds approved of the motion.

Now it would seem that Santos is due to face another vote with the same purpose, as politicians return to work after the Thanksgiving break, keen to oust the New York Republican for lying extensively during his time in Congress.

As the Georgia Republican put it, referring to the GOP's relentless pursuit of Santos:

"Let me get this straight. The Republican majority controlled Congress has ousted a Republican Speaker and is now on the verge of expelling a not yet convicted Republican member, but we can’t even impeach Mayorkas or Biden..."

Whether MTG's rant will have any effect, remains to be seen. She has long been an advocate of Santos, and in 2022 decided to defend him after Tulsi Gabard criticized the New York Republican after he admitted to lying extensively in the course of his career. According to MTG, Gabard should have showed him "more grace".

MTG becoming distant from the Republican party?

In 2023, Georgia's Taylor-Greene appears to be getting more and more distant from the Republican Party, and while she continues to rant at her colleagues for the lack of support they show her and other figures like Santos, it seems like the fractures may be growing bigger.

She was ousted from the GOP Freedom Caucus earlier this year after the most-conservative Republicans appeared to grow tired of her extreme statements and actions. Her expulsion came after she was filmed arguing on the floor of congress chambers, arguing with Lauren Boebert.

In recent weeks, she's tried to progress bills through Congress, but given that these tend to be related to her own pet-initiatives rather than having any genuine benefit or purpose for the American people, it's easy to see why many in the GOP are voting against her, to her lasting frustration.
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What future for Santos?

George Santos may find that in spite of MTG using outrage at his cause as a reason to express her outrage at the GOP, that he still finds himself expelled from his position in Congress. If the next vote goes against him then he may find himself having to look for other ways to make a living.

In this regard, MTG may be one step ahead too. She has spent much of the last few days publicizing her newly published book which was launched last week. Reviews have been mixed so far, and she's been mocked on TV for releasing the book. Time will tell if it reaches the bestseller list, but Santos may want to take note - success isn't easy!

Do you think that Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene is doing a good job of serving the voters of the state? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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