Marjorie Taylor-Greene Comments on Impending DeSantis-Newsom Clash: “No One Cares About This Debate”

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MTG suggests Georgia debate is irrelevant
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On November 26, Georgia's most outspoken and controversial Republican - Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene - took a break from her Thanksgiving weekend celebrations, to share her opinion on the forthcoming debate between Republican Ron DeSantis and his arch-nemesis - California Democrat Gavin Newsom.

The debate (which is due to be held in Alpharetta, GA on November 30) appears - in MTG's opinion at least - to be irrelevant.

As MTG put it:

"I can tell you right now GA is supporting Trump. No one cares about this debate except the Rep establishment, who is completely disconnected with Rep voters."

While Taylor-Greene was transparent in using the debate featuring Florida Republican Ron DeSantis as a means of promoting her hero, the one-term president Donald Trump, it's interesting that she should have chosen to criticize politicians being willing to take part in debates in person.
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Three-time loser Trump has been notably absent from all Republican debates so far, which some consider to be a power play, and others take as a sign of fear or entitlement on Trump's part.

Meanwhile, DeSantis has recently challenged Trump publicly to take part in a debate - something that he hasn't yet responded to.

MTG focused on self-promotion over politics?

Most of the public comments made by Georgia's Taylor-Greene in recent days have been made in relation to her recently published new book - 'MTG' - which went on sale to the public on November 21. The book has had a mixed-reception so-far, with her most vocal supporters (including her boyfriend and TV broadcaster Brian Glenn, and the acquitted shooter Kyle Rittenhouse) providing positive feedback.

Others have been less-supportive, with outspoken Trump-loyalist Laura Loomer slamming the book as "trash", and TV host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel mocking the Georgia Republican relentlessly during one of his opening monologues following publication of the book.

The only topic that continues to feature heavily in MTG's pubic statements is her continued public support of the one-term former president Trump, and her slamming of the Newsom-DeSantis debate as irrelevant, emphasizes that.

What will the DeSantis-Newsom debate achieve?

The debate between Florida's Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom, the Democrat from California has been a long time coming. While Newsom has even been criticized by senior figures in the Biden Administration for agreeing to take part, it seems likely that the debate will attract significant interest from those wanting to see the two battling it out.

They have fought a long and bitter feud in public, and in recent days DeSantis mocked Newsom for admitting that he had only cleaned up the streets of San Francisco when President Xi Jinping of China was due to visit. Newsom, in turn, has responded to DeSantis by slamming his actual record on freedoms for the citizens of his state.

He stated on social media that "DeSantis will never be president" and in this way it would seem that the California Democrat actually has something in common with Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene!

Time will tell who emerges victorious from the debate.

Do you agree with Marjorie Taylor-Greene that Georgia is already decided upon Trump? Would the voters of the state prefer another candidate entirely? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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