“Ron DeSantis Will Never Be President” Says Gavin Newsom, As the Two Governors Prepare for Debate

Toby Hazlewood

Newsom slams DeSantis over rights and freedoms

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On November 19, with less than 2-weeks to go until his long-awaited debate with Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis, the California Democrat - Gavin Newsom - took to Twitter to vent his anger towards the Florida Republican.

Only last week, Newsom had been the subject of attacks from Ron DeSantis and other Florida Republicans including Matt Gaetz, for admitting that he had only cleaned-up the streets of San Francisco after President Xi Jinping of China was due to visit. Comments from DeSantis, Gaetz and others were intended to be inflammatory, and many called out Newsom for his apparent deference to the communist leader of China.

Perhaps in a bid to Retaliate for these attacks, or maybe just to score some points off the Florida Republican ahead of their November 30 debate, Newsom was keen to draw attention to the apparent erosion of rights in Florida related to new laws enacted by DeSantis during his time leading the Sunshine State.

As Newsom put it:

"Ron DeSantis will never be president -- but the people of Florida need to know the damage he caused in pursuit of his goals. Women receiving an abortion after six weeks will be punished by up to 5 years in prison."

Newsom has repeated criticisms of how DeSantis has managed the state of Florida during his time as governor, and has also dissected the actions of the Republican during interviews on TV. His comments from November 19 have taken this even further though, suggesting that DeSantis will never be president.

Will the debate see an end to their ongoing feud?

As the November 30 debate between the two approaches, there's a sense that it will either put an end to their differences or add fuel to the fire which could form the basis of a future battle for the White House. Their arguments have spanned a wide variety of topics over time, including relative crime rates in their states, gun control, energy and climate change. Their debate (if it happens) will likely cover all these topics and more besides.

Newsom was criticized by members of the Biden Administration for putting his own ambitions ahead of President Joe Biden, but the forum may just be about preparing the ground for an election beyond 2024, assuming that DeSantis isn't successful in securing the Republican nomination and the subsequent presidential election this time around.

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The DeSantis - Newsom feud

Whether the debate will actually allow the Republican and Democrat to ultimately resolve their differences, remains to be seen. Their needling and taunting of each other goes back a long way, but came to the fore after Newsom ran a series of TV adverts in Florida, claiming that 'freedom is under attack in Florida'.

The adverts drew a cynical response from DeSantis who claimed to see more Californian license plates in the Sunshine State than ever before - a sign of the mass-migration of citizens out of Democratic states and into destinations like Florida.

Since then, the needling between the two has continued, with Newsom stating that Florida is where "civil rights go to die". DeSantis subsequently responded claiming that California under Newsom, treats its citizens "like peasants."

With so much history between the two, it seems the debate could be a fiery affair.

Do you think that Florida's Ron DeSantis has done a good job for the people of Florida? Does he stand a chance of becoming president in spite of what Gavin Newsom may think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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