Laura Loomer Slams Florida’s Ron DeSantis, Calling Him “A Liar and a Con Man… a Phony and a Fake”

Toby Hazlewood

Loomer upset that DeSantis said Trump lost

On September 30, as the federal government narrowly avoided a shutdown, and in a week when House Republicans held their first impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, Florida's governor and presidential hopeful - Ron DeSantis - focused on his continuing bid for the White House.

Appearing on network TV with Bill Maher, DeSantis was in a reflective mood as he answered questions about his past decisions and gave his opinions on some of the competitors for the Republican nomination.

On Twitter, Trump loyalist and former strategist - Laura Loomer - unleashed her latest attack on the Florida Republican, apparently upset by an answer given by DeSantis in regard to the 2020 election.

He confirmed that in his opinion, Trump had lost legitimately. Reacting to the answer given by DeSantis, Loomer let loose:

"This is who Ron DeSantis is. A liar and a con man. And also a phony and a fake who will say anything with the change of the wind. He doesn’t believe in ELECTION INTEGRITY."
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Loomer has attacked DeSantis repeatedly, as she has just about every other person who has (in her opinion) ever done or said anything even vaguely critical of the one-term former president Donald Trump.

Most recently, Loomer predicted that DeSantis would withdraw from campaigning for the Republican nomination after the most recent tropical storm to hit Florida.

That didn't happen however, and DeSantis continues to campaign vigorously, most recently appearing on-stage alongside other candidates for the Republican nomination (apart from Trump who once again dodged the event).

Republicans keep campaigning, ignoring Trump

The move by DeSantis to distance himself from Trump appears to be a conscious move that he and other candidates have made, proceeding largely as though Trump weren't a factor. While the one-term former president appears to hold a commanding lead in most recent polls, there's a great deal of uncertainty over the effects that the multiple legal challenges mounting against him.

More recently, there has been a great deal of speculation, bordering on concern over his capacity to run for the White House once again. At various campaign events recently he's made a number of incoherent and confused statements on topics such as crime, forest fires and criminal justice, all of which hint at the stress he may be experiencing at the present moment.

Loomer - Trump's unofficial cheerleader and defender?

In spite of her vocal support of the three-time loser Trump, Loomer has no official role in his campaign organization, and yet is one of his fiercest allies as well as the harshest critic of both his opponents as well as other MAGA-Republicans who she believes aren't as fanatical as she is.

She has repeatedly criticized DeSantis for daring to compete with Trump, and even took a swipe at Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, for his part in apparently encouraging Trump to support DeSantis in his campaign for governor many years back.

Loomer has previously attempted to enter and disrupt DeSantis campaign events ever since the Florida governor began his campaign. In spite of her occasional sarcastic suggestions that he should quit campaigning and focus on doing his job as governor, DeSantis continues on the campaign trail.

Based on past performance, it seems unlikely that DeSantis will pay any attention to Loomer's comments.

Do you think that Florida's Ron DeSantis is deserving of the critical comments made by Laura Loomer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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