Matt Gaetz Endorsed for Florida Governor by One-Term Former President: “He’s a Great Guy… Strong”

Toby Hazlewood

Gaetz praised for his strength - repeatedly
Matt GaetzPhoto byTwitter of Antiwarcom

On September 27, the outspoken and occasionally-controversial Republican from Florida - Congressman Matt Gaetz - shared a video on Twitter, featuring the one-term former president Donald Trump appearing to endorse him for the role of Florida's governor.

Gaetz appeared humbled by the comments from Trump, stating his thanks for the compliments and attributing his apparent "strength" (for which he was praised multiple times during the short video clip), to Trump.

Perhaps more notable - if unexpected - was that Trump was keen to point out that the struggles and challenges faced by Gaetz are trivial to his own problems, but followers of the one-term former president are accustomed to him being unable to praise others without boosting his own ego too.

He couldn't resist drawing comparisons with his own ongoing struggles at the same time:

"He went through hell for two years, over something that I never believed for a second, and he held up very strong, he was very strong. What he goes through, I go through times ten, but that's okay."
Matt Gaetz and Donald TrumpPhoto byTwitter of mattgaetz

While Gaetz may be glad of the endorsement, in recent months he has made suggestions that he has his sights higher - perhaps to be Attorney General in Trump's administration if he should secure a second term in office.

Gaetz investigated by ethics committee

Trump made reference to challenges that Gaetz has faced, appearing to mean past-allegations of human trafficking that had been made against Gaetz, resulting in an ethics investigation against the Florida congressman.

At the time, Gaetz was sufficiently concerned over the allegations, that he sought a pre-emptive pardon from Trump at the conclusion of his single term in office.

The DOJ later dropped the case, likely to his relief. Nonetheless, with the three-time loser Trump providing his endorsement of Gaetz for the position of Florida governor, it seems like he hasn't forgotten the need to humbly attribute his strength to Trump.

His second endorsement from the Trump family

The statement of apparent support from Trump is the second time in recent weeks that Florida's Matt Gaetz has been tipped for Florida governor by a member of the Trump family.

On August 24, as Gaetz was wrapping up his on-air analysis of the GOP presidential debate, conversation with his co-hosts Donald Trump Jr and Kimberley Guilfoyle, the conversation took a turn for the surreal.

Trump Jr was speaking about a hypothetical future where Gaetz himself may pursue other roles in government, and after suggesting that Gaetz might run for president, Trump Jr suggested a different path:

"I'm going to pre-endorse Matt Gaetz for governor of Florida. I will be your campaign manager, fundraiser, whatever. I will work on that campaign aggressively."

With two generations of Trump behind him, it would seem that Florida's Matt Gaetz could feel quite certain about his chances in a future gubernatorial election. The strength of both endorsements may become less potent however, if the legal challenges against Trump and his family continue to go against them.

With news emerging on September 26 that a New York judge had found Trump guilty of fraud in a summary judgment, things aren't looking so good on that front.

Time will tell if Gaetz runs for governor of Florida.

Do you think that Matt Gaetz would be a good governor for Florida? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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