Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene Outraged As Judge Under-Values One-Term Former President’s Home

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MTG angry over valuation of Trump's real estate
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On September 26, Georgia's most outspoken and controversial Republican - Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene took to Twitter to express her outrage at the recent ruling by the judge in a case against the one-term former president Donald Trump, concerning the valuation of his real estate.

The source of anger for Georgia's Taylor-Greene appears to stem from the judge in the civil case being pursued by prosecutor Letitia James, who has suggested that Trump had inflated the value of his real estate portfolio as a means of accessing loans. From Taylor-Greene's post on Twitter, it would seem that her outrage comes as much from what she believes is an incorrect valuation of Trump's Mar-A-Lago home.

In the case being heard in New York, Justice Arthur Engoron found Trump consistently overvalued Mar-a-Lago, inflating its value on one financial statement by over 2,300%. A recent appraisal assessed Mar-a-Lago's value at between just $18 million and $27.6 million.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene's angry rant on Twitter read more like a real estate listing for Mar-a-Lago:

"Democrats are so jealous of President Trump’s extraordinary success, they will do anything to destroy him, even weaponizing judges benches against him and his great family. Mar-a-lago sits on the most premier location in Palm Beach County on 20 BEAUTIFUL waterfront acres built out in spectacular fashion."
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While her comments are far from impartial, given her allegiance to Trump and her ongoing desire to serve as his Vice President and running mate, she is at least talking from first-hand experience having apparently spent a great deal of time there in recent months.

Taylor-Greene continues to fight for Trump's cause

The summary judgement in the case being tried in New York has found that he is indeed liable for fraud, which includes (but is not limited to) over-inflating the value of his properties. That ruling doesn't appear to have dampened the enthusiasm of Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene however, and she continues to be amongst his most vocal fans within the MAGA-Republican movement.

On September 25, MTG took to Twitter to once again praise the three-time loser for being a champion of second amendment freedoms as she shared a picture of Trump apparently gun-shopping during a campaign visit to South Carolina. During that photo-opportunity, Trump was presented with a customized handgun engraved with his image.

The one-term former president joked that he'd like to buy it, something that has since been pointed out would be illegal given his current legal challenges.

What does the future hold for Trump and MTG?

There have been rumors of late, that MTG may be falling out of favor with the Trump campaign team, and her standing as his possible running-mate could be under threat. That hasn't stopped her from continually taking up his cause, and earlier this week she announced the publication of her book that is offered, bundled with a Trump-branded baseball cap.

Meanwhile as the New York civil case edges towards a conclusion and other cases are yet to begin trial, his chances of remaining a free man seem to become slimmer. MTG has previously suggested that she would vote for Trump even if he were in jail, but that doesn't help her cause if she were planning her political future around him.

Time will tell if that's how their joint political futures play out.

Do you think that Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene should focus so much time and energy on Donald Trump? Should she be more focused on Georgia and its voters? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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