Opinion: Matt Gaetz Slams Byron Donalds for Funding Resolution That Could Lead to “World War 3”

Toby Hazlewood

Divisions emerging between Florida Republicans

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On September 18, Florida Republican Byron Donalds proposed a continuing resolution - a 30-day plan that he believes will avoid (or at least delay) a government shutdown.

Crucially, Donalds believes that enough House Republicans would also vote in favor of the proposal, although initial reactions from some of the more outspoken in Congress suggests he might be misguided.

One of the more-vocal conservative Republicans - Florida's Matt Gaetz - shared his opinions quite plainly from the floor of the House of Representatives, stating that he was not willing to support a plan that effectively endorses more of the same actions by government. In his view, these include the weaponization of the justice system, neglect of the southern border and continued funding for the Ukraine. On the last point, he believes that the plan from Donalds could even lead to World War 3.

Meanwhile, Donalds has since commented on the matter, suggesting that he's not in the mood to pander to others in the GOP who object to his plan. As he put it:

“I didn’t come to Washington to be hoodwinked by party insiders, the swamp, or the uniparty — I came to get the job done. The measure I helped craft is a win for the conservative movement and conservative policies like securing our border and getting our fiscal house on the right track, two things the Democrats vehemently oppose."

Fractures in the GOP?

The lack of unity between Gaetz and fellow-Floridian Donalds seems a little surprising, given that both come from the MAGA-Republican camp and have both previously declared their support for the one-term former president Donald Trump.

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However, as was pointed out by New York Democrat - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - in recent weeks, there appears to be a "chaos vibe" prevailing within the Republicans, particularly from Gaetz as he pursues Kevin McCarthy for removal from the position of Speaker of the House.

Meanwhile, Georgia's most divisive and outspoken Republican - Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene - took time out from slamming the recently relaxed dress code in the Senate, to share an earnest video to Twitter within-which she explained why she won't be voting for Donalds' continuing resolution either.

While Gaetz, Donalds and Taylor-Greene have all been firmly behind the impeachment enquiry into President Joe Biden, it would seem that the means of avoiding a government shutdown is not something that they can agree on.

The prospect of a shutdown looms large

The in-fighting amongst House Republicans who hold the power to avoid (or ensure) a government shutdown at the end of September is alarming for those who want a new spending bill to be approved.

In a recent ongoing feud between Matt Gaetz and Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman, it was highlighted that Democrats feel Republicans should simply be doing their job and passing the bill (or at least a modifided version of it).

As Fetterman put it in a rather confrontational Tweet:

"Government shutdown in t-minus 16 days. Instead of crying about how I dress, how about you ... do your job, bud?"

The threat of a government shutdown is becoming quite real, and the more time that Republicans hold it up, it seems like a compromise will have to be reached. Time will tell if Donalds' plan gets the necessary votes.

Do you think that Matt Gaetz and other Republicans should unify behind the continuing resolution proposed by Byron Donalds? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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