Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene Applauds Trump Policies: “President Trump Wants National Concealed-Carry Reciprocity”

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"Americans are gun owners, America is safe" says MTG
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On May 25, broadcasting the latest episode of her 'MTG Battleground' podcast, Georgia's most outspoken and controversial Republican - Marjorie Taylor-Greene - aired her views on the political priorities of the one-term former president Donald Trump.

It was the first time that MTG had addressed Trump's manifesto since his Republican challenger - Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis - had formally declared his candidacy for the White House in 2024.

MTG detailed the priorities expressed by Trump, and the gun-loving Georgia Republican 'saved the best for last' as she detailed his intention to campaign for "national concealed carry reciprocity" for gun owners. This would amount to the freedom for legal gun owners in one state to carry their weapons - concealed about their person - freely between states.

Permit-less concealed carry only became law in Georgia recently, and it was a move that Taylor-Greene applauded, presumably as an extension of the constitutional freedoms that seem so important to her.
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Gun owners keep America safe from invasion says MTG

Commenting on Trump's proposal, Georgia's Taylor-Greene had this to say:

"Second amendment supporters, you'll love this, President Trump wants national concealed-carry reciprocity."

She continued:

"That would be fantastic. America is great. You want to know why America's great? You want to know what protects America from being invaded by all these other countries? It's because Americans are gun owners. And when American's are gun owners, America is safe."

The Georgia Republican is enthusiastic about 2nd amendment freedoms and often critical of those who campaign for the extension of controls around gun ownership.

In the aftermath of a recent spate of mass-shootings (including one in an Atlanta medical facility), MTG chose to use the occasion to applaud the launch of a ride-hailing service in Georgia that uses armed drivers to differentiate itself from competitors. In her view, what America needs is more "good guys with guns" to keep the public safe.

Is this even feasible?

While the notion of freedom for gun-owners to carry their weapons across state lines may be appealing for 2nd amendment enthusiasts, there are questions over whether such a law could be implemented, particularly in states with tighter controls on gun ownership.

It's also not clear whether Trump is truly on the side of gun owners and the protection of 2nd amendment constitutional rights, as much as he may hype it up. A recently released video from a pro-DeSantis political action committee portrays Trump as a 'gun-grabber' who has previously spoken out against the NRA and who is in favor of more controls and checks for those who want to own a weapon.

If that were true, then it could be that Trump's manifesto promises to gun-owners are little more than idealistic notions.

IT has also emerged that Ron DeSantis may be intending on campaigning on gun control too, and positioning himself as more in favor of constitutional freedoms than Trump. If that were the case, then Taylor-Greene and Trump may need to reconsider their stance.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene should focus more time and attention on serving the people of Georgia rather than the interests of Donald Trump? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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