While Speaking to Georgia Democrats, Kamala Harris Claims That Biden’s Handling of Border Crisis Is “Going Rather Well”

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On the same day, 80 migrants were moved to her town

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On May 12 and 13, Vice President and 'Border Czar' Kamala Harris was in Buckhead, GA attending a fundraiser hosted by the local Democratic Party. During her address at the upmarket event, Harris took the opportunity to comment on the latest episode of the unfolding border crisis - the expiration of Title 42 which limited the number of people who could enter the United States via the Southern Border.

Commenting on the federal government's handling of the situation, Harris was bullish, stating:

"I hear that everything in the last couple of a days is going rather smoothly given what the concerns were."

Immigrants transported to Washington, DC

On the same day that she spoke to assembled Democrats and claimed that the border crisis was well in hand in spite of the expiration of Title 42, another busload of 80 immigrants was transported from the state of Texas where the poor souls had crossed the border, and deposited in Washington, DC, close to the Vice President's home.

The ongoing transport of immigrants from states like Texas has continued as Republican governors of the states most-directly affected by the influx of illegal immigrants, attempt to take action in response to the crisis, by physically transferring them to Democrat-led states around the nation.

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Is it an issue affecting Georgia?

While states like Texas and Arizona are more-directly affected by the immigration crisis at the southern border, it's questionable whether there is so much of a problem for states like Georgia where Harris was speaking to assembled Democrats. Nonetheless it hasn't stopped Republican politicians throughout the U.S. from getting involved in discussions, and none more-so than Georgia's own Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

The divisive and controversial Georgia Republican has repeatedly shared her opinions on the issues caused-by and related-to uncontrolled immigration. In March of this year, MTG used the border crisis and a host of unrelated issues as the key matters of policy that she's focused on, and attempted to raise campaign funds for herself off the back of those.

While some may be critical of Republicans like Marjorie Taylor-Greene attempting to capitalize on the desperate plight of immigrants seeking a better life for themselves by trying to make a new life in the United States, it does seem somewhat at odds with reality for VP Kamala Harris to claim that the situation at the border is positive.

Florida gets involved too

Meanwhile in nearby Florida, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has repeatedly blamed what he calls "Biden's Border Crisis" for a variety of problems in the Sunshine State, including the influx of Fentanyl and other drugs into Florida.

In September last year, Governor Ron DeSantis celebrated his birthday by approving two charter planes that transported 50 illegal immigrants from Texas, to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The Governor was widely criticized for the stunt which seemed to demonstrate a great deal of callousness towards the immigrants given that they hadn't even been present in his own state.

As Republicans seek to gain political ground off the back of the border crisis, it would seem that the Democrats like Kamala Harris remain in denial of the issue, based on her statement in Georgia this weekend.

Do you think that Vice President Kamala Harris should be more focused on resolving the border crisis rather than political fundraising in Georgia? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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