Marjorie Taylor-Greene Claims That “There Is No Other Man for the Job” of President at a Time Like This, Than Trump

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Will he remain free to run though?
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After Donald Trump first predicted that his impending arrest would happen on March 21, a report emerged on March 29 suggesting that his indictment could in fact, take weeks to materialize. With the grand jury now taking a month-long break from the case, Trump remains a free man and seems intent on continuing to campaign across America for the presidential election in 2024.

Nobody could be happier about this news, than Trump-ally and Georgia's most outspoken and divisive Republican - Marjorie Taylor-Greene - who took to Twitter to proclaim her support for her political idol, Trump, who she's rumored to be running alongside in the election:

"When it comes to being President of the United States, there is no other man for the job for a time such as this."

Taylor-Greene continues to back Trump

MTG has been one of the most-vocal of Trump's supporters, sharing her opinions on his impending arrest almost as soon as the rumor emerged. Initially, she called for people to consider that Trump "always fought for the American people". After having called for a "scorched-earth" response from Republicans in protest if Trump were arrested, she later tried to sell her own branded merchandise to fellow "Enemies of the State".

The weekend after Trump was supposed to have been arrested, MTG appeared at a 'Save America' rally where she offered her allegiance to Trump, alongside other MAGA loyalists including Florida Republican Matt Gaetz.

The love goes both ways too. In his address at the rally, Trump declared his admiration for Georgia's Taylor-Greene, stating that:

"People don't realize how brilliant she is."

Given the extent to which MTG constantly courts controversy and speaks her mind, unfiltered, it seems unlikely that anyone could be unaware of who she is and how suitable she is for public office. Nonetheless, their mutual appreciation seems to cement rumors of MTG being Trump's preferred running mate for 2024, provided he's still free to run by then.

Trump buys time

Rumors continue to emerge that Trump tried to stir up interest in his situation by predicting his own arrest, and it may well be that it was all part of a plan to gain publicity or to test his support amongst the public, and with other Republicans.

An unexpected side effect of the drama and hysteria over Trump's potential arrest, has been the emergence of a number of deep-fakes - convincing images created by artificial intelligence which depict scenes of an arrest that hasn't actually happened.

So convincing are the images, that many on the internet who encountered the images on social media platforms were taken-in by them and convinced his arrest had already occurred. Whether such scenes will eventually come to pass, or whether the interventions of Marjorie Taylor-Greene will help him preserve his freedom, remains to be seen.

If Trump stays free of consequences in the various charges against him, then Georgia's most outspoken Republican may yet see him installed back into the White House - a terrifying prospect for many.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene should be so focused on promoting Trump, or should she be spending her time and energy on serving the people of Georgia who elected her to serve them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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