Marjorie Taylor-Greene Rants: “It Seems That Canada Wants To Participate in Mexico’s Invasion of the United States”

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Georgia Republican blames Canada for border crisis
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On March 28, Georgia's most outspoken and controversial Republican went on a rant about one of her pet topics - the southern border crisis. Only this time, instead of attacking the nation of Mexico for its part in uncontrolled immigration into the United States, it was Canada on the northern border that incurred MTG's misguided wrath.

Her comments seem ill-informed and unsubstantiated, and entirely in character for MTG who recently suggested that the United States should declare war on Mexican cartels for their attempts to smuggle people and illegal drugs into the U.S. via the southern border.

She later went even further, suggesting that the Biden administration was in business with the cartels, effectively profiting from their activities.

Alarmist comments from Taylor-Greene

Commenting on the fact that Canada allows Mexicans to visit without a visa, and some of these visitors potentially then cross into the United States, it seems that MTG feels that Canada is complicit with Mexico in her estimation. As MTG put it:

It's extremely concerning and dangerous to the United States of America's national security that Canada's immigration policy allows Mexicans to travel to Canada without a visa. It seems that Canada wants to participate in Mexico’s invasion of the United States."

She continued:

"Many of these Mexicans... end up coming into the United States."

Her unsubstantiated suggestions amount to little more than alarmist conjecture. The same notional risk would presumably apply to any nationality of individual visiting either the United States or Canada, where visas aren't required for many tourists, some of which choose to breach the terms of their visit and attempt to stay in the U.S. longer term.

Does that make every other nation complicit in an "invasion of the United States"?

MTG motivated by publicity and controversy, not results

Her inflammatory comments about Canada being complicit in the border crisis, and her proposed war on Mexican cartels to address the fentanyl crisis are some of the latest issues that Taylor-Greene has latched onto. Her actions seem transparently to be a means of gaining publicity for herself and to ensure that she remains in the public eye.

In a recent sensationalist rant at the recent Conservative Political Action Committee conference (CPAC), MTG managed to ensure press coverage and outrage after leading with the headline statement that "Democrats are coming for your children".

And on the same day that she made her comments about Canada, she was also one of just two Republicans (and the only politicians in the House of Representatives) to vote against a proposed bill to allow sanctions against China for illegal organ harvesting. The bill passed by 412 votes to 2.

Her tactics are sadly-reminiscent of those employed by her political idol - the one-term former president Donald Trump, who will do anything he can to remain in the public eye. With MTG harboring aspirations to be Trump's running-mate in the 2024 presidential election, it seems clear that she's trying to emulate his tactics too.

Sadly, this seems to also apply to her approach to tackling the border crisis too - blaming everyone else for the issue.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene should be more diplomatic and well-informed rather than making such outlandish statements? Is she really a good representative for the people of Georgia? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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