Marjorie Taylor-Greene Votes Against Punishing China for Organ-Harvesting: The Bill Still Passed, 412 Votes to 2

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MTG voting against another bill just to get publicity?
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On March 27, politicians in the House of Representatives voted on the 'Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act' - a bill that is intended to allow sanctions against China (or any government or nation) that carries out forced organ harvesting amongst it citizens. The bill had very clear humanitarian aims, and received bipartisan support, with the notable exception of Georgia's outspoken and divisive Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene who voted against the bill.

The only other 'No' vote came from MTG's fellow-Republican, Thomas Massie of Kentucky who also has a history of voting against bills that are clearly beneficial and which otherwise receive unanimous support.

In February of 2023, Taylor-Greene and Massie were also the only two House Representatives to vote against a proposal mourning the loss of life in Syria and Turkey due to earthquakes. Quite what motivates these individuals to vote in such a way is unclear - but seems that it can be about nothing more than dividing the public and drawing attention to themselves.

MTG later tweeted her reasoning behind voting the way she did, claiming that it was more about the U.S. Government getting involved in matters that don't affect American lives, claiming:

"This is nothing more than another piece of legislation from the swamp that fails to put America First."

Taylor-Greene's history of voting for publicity

Her vote against trying to prevent organ harvesting is sadly-typical of MTG and her conduct in public office. In she was one of just 20 House Republicans who voted against the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention & Protection Reauthorization Act of 2022. Given that the bill was intended to put in place measures to prevent human-trafficking, to punish those who commit the crime and to help those who have been victim of it, her motivation to vote against seems hard to understand.

In December 2022, she joined 27 other Republicans voting against S.4926 - the 'Respect for Child Survivors Act' which sought to provide help to victims of abuse in childhood.

Yet, when it comes to supporting bills that further her own divisive political agenda, MTG is always quick to vote in favor, regardless of the public good that such measures may achieve.

After the appointment of Kevin McCarthy to Speaker of the House - MTG and various members of the GOP voted in favor of measures to defund the IRS from recruiting a further 87,000 agents to investigate tax evasion.

She has also supported measures to defund various other federal bodies, as well as to drop investigations into her political idol - the one-term former president Donald Trump.

Taylor-Greene's own bill receives humiliating defeat

While MTG is not averse to trying to stop other legislation from passing, she also seems to struggle in getting her own bills through votes too.

In January of this year an amendment proposed by the Georgia Republican received a humiliating bipartisan defeat, receiving just 14 votes in favor and 418 votes against!

The result caused MTG to be mocked, including by her political enemy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, causing much annoyance to Taylor-Greene.

The real question is whether this is the sort of conduct that the people of Georgia expect from the politician they elected to serve them?

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene should be more concerned about the people of Georgia and humanity as a whole, rather than just about building her own political career and profile? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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