“People Don’t Realize How Brilliant She Is.” – Trump Would Back Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene for Senate if She Runs

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Trump gives MTG his backing

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On March 25, as the one-term former president Donald Trump addressed the crowd at his latest 'Save America' rally, he had nothing but praise for Georgia's most outspoken and divisive Republican - Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

In his address to the crowd, which was typically self-congratulatory and rambling, he held up MTG as an example of what he believes all Republicans should strive to be - presumably as she's always gone to lengths to support Trump and to applaud everything he does. Trump spoke passionately of her approach, stating:

""Republicans cannot take it any longer. They have to get tougher, but they cannot take it. These Washington Republicans like Mitch McConnell who's the absolute worst. They've got to get tougher; they've got to get like Marjorie Taylor Greene."

The three-time loser Trump continued, speaking directly to MTG who had travelled to Texas along with fellow Republican Matt Gaetz to speak at the rally:

"Would you like to run for the Senate? I would fight like hell for you."

Aside from praising MTG, Trump also took the opportunity to attack Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. It would seem that Trump continues to feel threatened by the Florida Republican who is rumored to be considering a presidential candidacy himself.

MTG's fierce loyalty to Trump

Trump's comments will likely have been well-received by Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and possibly indicate that Trump is reaffirming his choice of the Georgia Republican as his running mate for the 2024 presidential election.

Whether he is able to run will of course depend on whether he remains a free man - he predicted that his own arrest would be coming imminently, and MTG has gone to lengths since then to defend his name and to question the legitimacy of those pursuing him in the courts.

Payback for MTG defending Trump's name?

When Trump predicted his own indictment would come on March 21, MTG called for people to consider that Trump "always fought for the American people". After having called for a "scorched-earth" response from Republicans in protest if Trump were arrested, she later tried to sell her own branded merchandise to fellow "Enemies of the State".

Her own response has occasionally conflicted with that of other Republicans who are less-passionate about Trump and less-enthused about the prospect of him winning another term in office.

Whether Trump's indictment and arrest for charges being pursued by Manhattan District Attorney - Alvin Bragg - remains to be seen. Even if Trump were to escape those proceedings, further charges are being investigated including one in MTG's home state of Georgia.

Is Trump a priority for Georgia?

Residents of Georgia, and particularly those who voted for Marjorie Taylor-Greene to represent them in Congress, will be wondering whether it's an appropriate use of her time to be Trump's own publicist?

There seems little doubt that her actions are driven by what can get her the most publicity, and Trump's recent endorsement of her and his admiration for her approach seems to echo feedback that he's given her before.

Whether this serves any useful purpose for the people of Georgia, seems unlikely.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene should spend less time on promoting herself and more time serving the people of Georgia? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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