Republican Crowd Remains Silent as Trump Mocks Ron DeSantis for Having Begged for Endorsement “With Tears in His Eyes”

Toby Hazlewood

Trump's joke falls on deaf ears at Republican rally
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On March 25, with the threat of arrest still looming large in his life, the one-term former president Donald Trump held a 'Save America' rally in Waco, Texas. Flanked by his most loyal Republican supporters, including Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia, and Florida's Matt Gaetz, much of Trump's self-congratulatory address to the assembled audience was spent taking swipes at various of his many enemies.

One of those who came under fire was Florida's Republican Governor - Ron DeSantis - who Trump now routinely refers to as Ron DeSanctimonious. Trump's issue with DeSantis appears to center on feeling threatened at the prospect that he could be a credible threat to the three-time loser in securing the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

Trump's attack on DeSantis centered on a skit in which he portrayed DeSantis as kneeling before Trump, in tears, begging for his endorsement in the Florida gubernatorial election. As Trump played out this scenario, the audience was notably quiet, not laughing, not shouting in agreement, but largely silent - no doubt to Trump's further annoyance.

Is DeSantis a threat to Trump?

While various polls in the last twelve months have suggested that DeSantis would be a far more popular candidate with various segments of the Republican voter base, and in various states across the nation, Trump has topped the Florida Governor in recent polls.

This hasn't stopped Trump conducting himself in a manner that would suggest that he feels genuinely threatened by the very prospect of competing with DeSantis.

On the other hand, DeSantis is seemingly going to lengths to remain dignified and is refusing to be drawn into arguments or to retaliating against Trump. When rumors were circulating of Trump's impending arrest, DeSantis was actually criticized by Trump-allies Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Florida's Matt Gaetz for not taking a sufficiently outraged position (in their view).

Commenting on DeSantis' response to news that Trump was going to be arrested, MTG had this to say:

"Any Presidential candidate that calls the political persecution of Trump a "sideshow" is not capable of the job."

The threat of arrest still looms large for Trump

While he hasn't yet been arrested based on charges being pursued in New York, Trump remains under severe scrutiny and seems likely to be indicted on various of the charges of which he's accused. While his most-loyal allies (like Marjorie Taylor-Greene) remain fiercely defensive of him, there seems like a real possibility that he will be brought to justice for one of the many things he's being accused of.

If such an occurrence were to unfold, there's a prospect at least that Ron DeSantis could have a clear run at the White House if he were to declare his candidacy for the position.

Meanwhile, as deep-fakes emerge that depict scenes of Donald Trump's arrest by members of the NYPD, there's a growing sense of something big happening for Donald Trump in the near future - and it may not be anything good. Ron DeSantis may feel otherwise of course!

Do you think that Donald Trump loses dignity and credibility when he attacks Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis in such ways? Would you rather have Ron DeSantis as the Republican candidate for the White House, or Donald Trump? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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