Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene Makes Trip to Texas To Support One-Term Former President Trump at “Save America” Rally

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The end of a Trump-focused week for Georgia Republican
Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Matt GaetzPhoto byTwitter of mtgreenee

On March 25, Georgia's most divisive and outspoken Republican politician - Marjorie Taylor-Greene - took a trip to Waco, Texas, to attend a 'Save America' rally staged by the one-term former president Donald Trump.

It was the end of a week in which MTG had devoted much of her time and attention to matters concerning three-time loser Trump, who currently remains a free man in spite of having predicted his own arrest in New York on March 21.

A Trump-centric week for Georgia's MTG

After Trump first predicted his own indictment would come on March 21, MTG called for Americans to remember that (in her view) Trump "always fought for the American people". After having called for a "scorched-earth" response from Republicans in protest if Trump were arrested, she later tried to sell her own branded merchandise to fellow "Enemies of the State" in order to prepare them for the civil disobedience that Trump had called for from supporters.

Later that same week, MTG then accused Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg - pursuing the indictment of Trump - of trying to "incite civil unrest himself", by pursuing Trump. It would seem like Taylor-Greene is conflicted about the best approach to defend Trump, her political idol and rumored presidential running-mate.

Trump and MTG take up the cause of J6 detainees

Taylor-Greene was most pleased that Trump had chosen to take up the cause of those detained in jail in Washington DC, particularly given that she had staged a visit to those detained in a federal facility following their involvement in the January 6 insurrection.

Attending with other members of the House Oversight Committee, Taylor-Greene had been keen to address the plight of those detained, but instead found the visit overshadowed by a protestor who disrupted her showboating by repeatedly blowing a referee's whistle to drown out her speech.

What comes next for Trump?

While Republican allies of the one-term former president Trump - like Taylor-Greene and her fellow MAGA-ally Matt Gaetz of Florida - remain on hand to support Trump no matter what may happen in the New York court case (or any of the other legal challenges being progressed against him, including one in Georgia), it remains to be seen what the coming week will hold.

Meanwhile, the internet has taken matters into its own hands, and a number of very convincing deep-fake images have emerged, depicting scenes where Trump is arrested.

So convincing are the images, that many on the internet who encountered the images on social media platforms have been taken in by them and been convinced his arrest had already occurred. Whether this will eventually come to pass, or whether the interventions of Marjorie Taylor-Greene will help him preserve his freedom, remains to be seen.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene should be devoting so much of her time in defending Donald Trump and taking part in his political campaigning? Should she be more focused on matters relating to the people of Georgia who elected her to serve them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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