Marjorie Taylor-Greene Calls for Arrest of New York DA Pursuing Trump, Accusing Them of “Trying To Incite Civil Unrest”

Toby Hazlewood

MTG called for "scorched-earth" response to Trump's arrest
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As of now, Donald Trump remains a free man after first predicting his own indictment and arrest would occur on March 21. The stream of reactions and calls for action from some of his most ardent and fanatical supporters has still been coming thick and fast.

On March 22, Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene managed to go full circle and has now called for the New York District Attorney, Alvin Bragg who is pursuing Trump's case, to be arrested himself.

Her call for action against Bragg has been justified by her claims that he is committing "prosecutorial misconduct" as well as:

"...breaking the law and trying to incite civil unrest with his Soros funded political war."

MTG and other Republicans go after Bragg

Having achieved little with her initial calls for people to consider that Trump "always fought for the American people" and later having called for a "scorched-earth" response from Republicans in protest if Trump were arrested, she later tried to sell her own branded merchandise to fellow "Enemies of the State". And now it would seem that her preferred tactic is to go after those pursuing Trump, rather than addressing whether the charges have substance.

Other Republicans have also contributed their thoughts on the subject. Florida Republican - Matt Gaetz - joined Taylor-Greene on March 21 in criticizing the Republican Governor of Florida - Ron DeSantis - for failing to show sufficient support to Trump in his hour of need.

On March 22, Gaetz also weighed in on the possible arrest of Alvin Bragg, stating that his was a politically motivated campaign that 54% of Americans from an unnamed source, agree should be dropped.

Defund those that you disagree with

It's a tried and tested formula for MTG, who has repeatedly called for the defunding or pursuit of members of the federal government, and agencies whose work she disagrees with. In January of this year, she called for the defunding of the Special Counsel investigating Trump, although that apparently fell on deaf ears.

In the course of this year, Taylor-Greene, Gaetz and others amongst the more disruptive elements of the Republican party have also called for defunding of the ATF (for introducing a controversial law banning pistol braces) and of the IRS to prevent the recruitment of 87,000 additional IRS agents.

Interfering with justice?

Calling for the arrest of District Attorney Alvin Bragg seems more extreme, but it amounts to the same thing - trying to take attention off the work of the individual by stopping them in their tracks, rather than questioning whether there might be some real merit or substance to their work.

Whether anything will come about as a result of the calls for Bragg to be arrested, seems unlikely. To accuse him of trying to incite civil unrest seems pretty ironic though, given the various calls that MTG has made for reactions from Republicans if Trump is arrested. Time will tell how this unfolds.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene is irresponsible in trying to prevent the legal investigation into Donald Trump? Should she be focusing instead on tackling the issues that might matter more to the citizens of Georgia who elected her? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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