Matt Gaetz Takes a Dig at Governor DeSantis – He Should “Stop Extradition of Trump From Florida” To Face New York Trial

Toby Hazlewood

Cracks emerging between outspoken Florida Republicans

On March 22, one of Florida's most outspoken and divisive Republicans - Representative Matt Gaetz - appeared on TV to voice his disgust at how Governor Ron DeSantis to the prospective indictment and arrest of the one-term former president Donald Trump.

Gaetz was making reference to the recent statements made by Governor DeSantis during a press-event earlier this week. DeSantis emphasized repeatedly that he wasn't willing to get drawn into discussions or to be distracted from the business of governing Florida, by what was going on in regard to Donald Trump.

Gaetz is just the latest hardline Republican who has taken the opportunity to score points off DeSantis for not having Trump's back. Earlier the same day, Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene had also shared her opinions on Twitter.

Commenting on DeSantis' rumored presidential ambitions, MTG had this to say:

"Any Presidential candidate that calls the political persecution of Trump a "sideshow" is not capable of the job."

MTG has been on the warpath ever since Trump first shared on his Truth Social platform that he expected to be arrested. First she called for a "scorched-earth" response from Republicans, and later tried to sell her branded 'Enemy of the State' merchandise to those who shared her outrage.

Gaetz - a long-time supporter of Trump

It should come as no surprise that Gaetz has seized the opportunity to voice a pro-Trump stance on this issue, and has taken the chance to lash-out at DeSantis.
Donald Trump and Ron DeSantisPhoto byTwitter of middleageriot

Just weeks ago, he expressed that as a Floridian and a Republican he would remain devoted to Trump over DeSantis if both were to stand as candidates for the 2024 presidential election. To-date, only Trump has declared himself in the running (assuming that he's still able to run after his expected trial).

His support of Trump is legendary, and Gaetz has been on Trump's side over the numerous lawsuits and federal enquiries that have been plaguing the three-time loser's campaign ever since he declared his candidacy.

Gaetz and Trump - a long history

In November 2022, Gaetz lobbied for a federal enquiry into Trump to be defunded and dropped, as Republicans took control of the House of Representatives following the midterm elections.

Perhaps Gaetz has political motives for his support of Trump, her maybe there's a debt of gratitude owed by the Florida Representative. In September 2022 it was reported that Gaetz had sought a pre-emptive presidential pardon from Trump before the end of his one term as president. Gaetz was seemingly concerned about allegations of human-trafficking that had been lodged against him.

Does DeSantis care?

Whatever is motivating Gaetz in his staunch defense of Trump and his anger towards DeSantis, it would seem clear that there's a bond between the two that is driving Gaetz' actions.

As for whether Governor Ron DeSantis cares about what Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor-Greene or other Republicans think about his actions, well as yet he hasn't commented. But as he still hasn't formally declared himself in the running for president yet either, there's a lot of different ways that this situation could develop.

Do you think that Governor Ron DeSantis should care what Republicans like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor-Greene think about his reaction to Donald Trump's possible arrest? Are there more important things to be getting on with in Florida? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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