Marjorie Taylor-Greene Launches New Campaign Video: Claims “Biden Administration in Business With Mexican Cartels”

Toby Hazlewood

MTG calls for war and peace on the same day
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On March 16, Georgia's most outspoken and divisive Republican - Marjorie Taylor-Greene - proudly launched her new campaign video on Twitter.

The video features a number of soundbites from her own sensationalist speeches, cut together with news anchors and other talking heads describing the issues of uncontrolled immigration and the flow of illegal fentanyl across the border, together with the consequences being felt by Americans generally and Georgians specifically.

Many of the claims in the video are exaggerated or misleading, particularly in reference to a Georgian mother who lost two children to fentanyl abuse, which MTG put on President Biden (even though he later corrected the facts around this, that the deaths in question had occurred under the one-term former president Donald Trump).

Perhaps most sensational within the video is the claim that the Biden administration is somehow in business with the Mexican cartels and has a vested interest in the flow of illegal fentanyl across the border.

The video has been released by MTG in the same week as it emerged that she was co-sponsoring a bill that promotes a war being declared by the United States, upon the Mexican cartels.
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MTG pro-war or anti-war?

Somewhat ironically, on the same day that she shared her campaign video calling for military action against Mexican cartels, MTG also retweeted a message, confirming that she was "100% aligned" with a recent call by her political idol (and rumored presidential running-mate) Donald Trump, for peace and an end to wars.

Taylor-Greene has long been a critic of the U.S. involvement in the war between Ukraine and Russia, repeatedly calling out the money that's been spent on a military action so far from America. While many will agree with this sentiment, it seems hypocritical for MTG to call for war on factions in Mexico while supporting peace elsewhere as long as it doesn't affect her.

Motivated by publicity and controversy, not results

The proposed war on Mexican cartels to address the fentanyl crisis is just the latest issue that Taylor-Greene has latched onto, not necessarily motivated by making a meaningful change, but rather as a means of gaining publicity for herself and to ensure that she remains in the public eye. It's a similar strategy as that which the three-time loser and one-time former president Trump relies on too.

In a sensationalist rant at the recent Conservative Political Action Committee conference (CPAC), MTG managed to ensure press coverage and outrage after leading with the headline statement that "Democrats are coming for your children".

Her comments were made in reference to a bill that MTG has sponsored that would seek to criminalize the provision of gender-affirming care to teenagers.

Justifying war based on a 'bomb' filled with sand

In recent days, MTG has doubled-down on her calls for war on factions in Mexico, and recently shared a photo of a supposed bomb that had been seized from a cartel member at the border. The device itself was later exposed as being a package containing nothing more than sand.

While this latest fail is unlikely to dampen MTG's enthusiasm for this cause, it may well harm her credibility a little. Time will tell.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene should be so concerned about the issue of the Mexican border and cartels, or are there more pressing issues for Georgia? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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