After DeSantis Tackles the NHL for ‘Woke Recruitment’, Animal Rights Campaigners Interfere With NHL All-Star Weekend

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What does PETA have in common with Ron DeSantis
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In January 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis took-on the National Hockey League after becoming aware of their intention to hold a recruitment event exclusively focused upon diverse job seekers who were pursuing careers in hockey.

Spotting an opportunity to intervene with action in line with his personal 'war on woke', his administration issued a swift and aggressive message to the NHL, labelling their approach discriminatory, exclusionary and an attempt to fall in with politically popular 'Woke' opinions.

And now it seems that the pressure group 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' has followed DeSantis' lead. On February 3 it intervened in NHL plans to incorporate live alligators in some of the All-Star Weekend festivities.

"See you later, alligator"

Commenting on plans to use live animals from Gatorland in a skills competition to be held in Sunrise, FL, PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Remain had this to say:

“Hauling live alligators in front of noisy crowds for a silly stunt would have been downright medieval, and the NHL was right to nix these plans.”

Reiman continued:

“For saying ‘See you later, alligator’ to this cruel event and seedy roadside zoo, the NHL is winning PETA’s praise.”

While PETA had no desire to prevent the event from happening, it was clear that its intervention was about the inclusion of live animals in the event as a prop - something that clearly does nothing to enhance the event and is merely a stunt to attract publicity.

An unlikely meeting of minds - DeSantis and PETA

Some might find it incongruous for the Republican Governor of Florida to have a collective interest with an animal rights organization in holding the NHL to account.

Governor DeSantis has been keen to fight his 'War on Woke' against all those who he sees as enemies of his cause - including the NHL for its inclusive and diverse approach to recruitment. In addition to tackling the inclusion of so-called 'woke' topics in High School lessons, DeSantis has also taken steps to remove investments of state money from investment firms whose funds are prioritized using the ESG agenda.

However, the governor is also a keen advocate for wildlife and the natural environment within the Sunshine State. As the governor and his team put the finishing touches to budget proposals for the forthcoming financial year, DeSantis announced on February 4 that $3.5 billion has been earmarked for Everglades and water resource protection over the next four years.

While DeSantis refuses to allow discussion of topics like climate change to enter the political discourse where he is concerned, he also seems to recognize the importance of wildlife and the natural environment in making Florida what it is.

Whether his views would extend to sympathizing with PETA's actions in taking the NHL to-task over the proposed used of alligators during the All-Star weekend is unclear. But for now at least, it seems that DeSantis and PETA have a common enemy in the NHL!

Do you think that DeSantis and PETA were right to take on the NHL? Should more focus be placed upon protecting Florida's wildlife and its natural environment? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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