YouTube Star ‘Mr Beast’ Partners With a Florida Surgeon To Pay for 1,000 People To Have Their Eyesight Restored

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An incredible act of generosity by the YouTube star
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You may not have heard of the YouTube star known as 'Mr Beast', but he has become something of an online legend for his hugely-entertaining videos, and the incredible acts of charity and kindness that he regularly extends to others. With over 120 million followers on YouTube he has made incredible sums of money, and yet Mr Beast - aka Jimmy Donaldson - isn't content to just sit on his fortune.

Instead, he's motivated to help others however he can. His most recent campaign, reported on January 29 saw him partner with an ophthalmologist and surgeon from Jacksonville, Florida to pay for 1,000 people to have their eyesight restored.

The video for Mr Beast's latest stunt has already received over 54 million views. More importantly perhaps, 1,000 people from around the world have had their eyesight restored thanks to the generosity of the YouTuber and Dr Levenson's organization - SEE International who coordinated the surgery.

Amongst those beneficiaries of the random act of kindness, were 40 Floridians whose names were sourced from homeless shelters and free eyecare clinics in the Sunshine State.

Mr Beast - a force for good

Mr Beast himself, is just 24-years-old and has made quite the name for himself through his exploits on YouTube.

With an estimated net worth in excess of $105 million he is undoubtedly a success, but unlike many of his peers in the world of online celebrity, he has always attempted to blend being entertaining and engaging for his estimated 212 million followers across all platforms, with doing good with the money that he makes, and literally 'sharing the wealth'.

His recent stunts have included hosting his own real-life version of the cult TV show 'The Squid Games' (without the threat of death for competitors), as well as challenges where competitors have to be the last to stay in a circle or touching a car or aircraft in order to win the prize.

While entertaining, there's also a serious benefit to many of his stunts - as was evidenced in the recent bid to help 1,000 blind people to see once more.

A force for philanthropy

As well as gifting 40 Floridians and 960 others the ability to see once more, Mr Beast also made specific gifts to some of the participants, including giving a further $10,000 to one of the benefactors.

His other charitable acts have more global impact too. Through his 'Team Trees' project, Mr Beast is attempting to fund the planting of 20 million trees. His 'Team Seas' project has also funded the removal of over 33 million pounds of plastic trash from the oceans since it was started by the YouTuber.

Undoubtedly some of the good done by these organizations is funded by public donations, but none of it would be possible without the personal brand built by Mr Beast, and his own determination to do more with his fame than simply to live a rich life for himself.

For those who've had their eyesight restored as a result of the generosity of Mr Beast and the charity work of Dr Levenson, this is a true demonstration of the good that can be done by humanity.

Have you enjoyed any or Mr Beast's videos on YouTube? Do you believe that online stars (and all celebrities for that matter) could do more good with their wealth? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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