Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene Confirms Her Reality TV Show ‘Life With MTG’ Is Launching in 2023

Toby Hazlewood

MTG in search of more publicity?

On December 4, Georgia's most-controversial Republican appeared to confirm that in 2023 she'll be appearing in her own reality TV show - 'Life with MTG'.

She posted on her newly-reinstated personal Twitter account that the show - previously rumored - would be her chance to set the record straight after the "left and media" had created a false-persona in their coverage of her and her life.

The TV show will apparently be a chance for viewers to get to know the 'real' MTG and represents one more way that the Georgia Republican is trying to become like her hero and political-ally - the one-term former president Donald Trump, first known himself by many as a reality TV star.

Publicity-hungry politicians

There's a clear sense for those who follow her career, that MTG is fixated on getting publicity by any means possible - to launch her own reality TV show seems to be a natural next step in that quest.

She has a proven voting history in the House of Representatives, of voting against bills that would seem like no-brainers to support and the only conceivable purpose for denying them could be to gain her publicity. Most recently, on December 2 Taylor-Greene was one of 44 Republicans to vote against a bill to provide maternity assistance to veterans.

In recent months she has also voted against helping veterans avoid food insecurity, and against a bill intended to prevent and help victims of people trafficking.

Another tactic often used by MTG to gain publicity and court controversy appears to be to associate herself with other divisive and controversial figures. She's recently been pictured and frequently associated with Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot and killed protesters in Wisconsin (and was ultimately found innocent of murder).
Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Kyle RittenhousePhoto byTwitter of RepMTG

An effort to raise money?

The prospective launch of her reality TV show is the latest suggestion that MTG is doing whatever she can to emulate and win favor with the one-term former president Donald Trump. Ever since she and Trump - and numerous others who had been banned from Twitter - had their accounts reinstated, MTG has been making up for lost time and using her personal account to air the controversial and 'shoot-from-the-hip' views that earned her a ban in the first place.

She aired an hour-long livestream on the night her account was reinstated, ranting over the death of free speech, and ended the video with a plea for support from her followers to help her pay a $700k legal bill incurred while fighting a case in court.

It seems then, that the launch of her TV show may well be as much about making money as it is about correcting the public-perception of who she is and what she's all about. Time will tell how popular the TV show turns out to be and what effect it has on MTG's political career!

Do you think it's appropriate for a politician to be making and broadcasting a reality TV show while in office, or should Marjorie Taylor-Greene be focused on serving the citizens of Georgia who elected her? Will you be watching the TV show if and when it airs? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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