‘Freedom Patriot Project’ Calls-Out Florida’s Governor for Not Supporting Them – A Smart Move by Ron DeSantis?

Toby Hazlewood

Distancing himself from the J6 insurrectionists

As numerous other hardline Republicans declare their support for the Freedom Patriot Project, it was called out by members of the movement that Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis hasn't been in touch with them, nor suggested he's on their side, it emerged on December 1.

The Freedom Patriot Project is a movement formed by the friends, relatives and supporters of the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol building in the infamous January 6 insurrection.

While some of the more controversial figures within the Republican party have declared their support and admiration for the project - including Georgia's Marjorie Taylor-Greene and the former one-term president Donald Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis is steering clear of getting involved.

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Many of his supporters believe that this is a wise move by DeSantis and could be yet another signal of his intent to run for President in 2024, by ensuring that he's not allied with such a controversial group.

MTG and Trump get involved

Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Donald Trump have gone to lengths to declare their allegiance; MTG posted a video on Twitter in which a teary-eyed relative of a jailed insurrectionist called-out DeSantis for not having got in touch. Taylor-Greene also appeared at the movement's 'Holiday Event', together with other controversial figures including Steve Bannon.

Trump, meanwhile, appears in a video calling out the "good work" of the movement on the homepage of its website.

DeSantis playing the long game?

There seems to have been a notable shift in DeSantis' behavior towards the more-extreme and fringe groups within the Republican party, and certainly no signs of him capitulating to ally himself to figures such as Donald Trump.

While DeSantis has yet to formally declare his candidacy for the presidency - something that would likely come next year after the legislative season at earliest - there are signs of his ambitions looking beyond Florida. It was reported recently that legislative changes are underway that would allow him to see out his time as Governor without having to resign his position to run for president.

Meanwhile, on December 1 DeSantis announced the release of his new book, the subtitle of which states that it is a "blueprint for America's revival". Such things seem to suggest that DeSantis feels he has something significant to offer on the national scale.

Trump however, seems rattled by DeSantis and it would seem that those close to the former one-term president - including Marjorie Taylor-Greene - are keen to disparage the Florida governor whenever they can, such as highlighting that he hasn't expressed his support or sympathy for the jailed insurrectionists and their families.

This seems like a smart move from DeSantis however, and one that would likely ensure he is viewed favorably by as many Republicans as possible, not just the far-right fringe voters. Time will tell if his strategy pays off!

Do you think that Governor DeSantis is right to distance himself from the cause of J6 Insurrectionists? Do you think that Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor-Greene feel threatened by Ron DeSantis? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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