Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene Endorses Herschel Walker – “It Would Be Great To Have a Dog up There in the Senate”

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Georgia Republicans stick together ahead of runoff
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On November 30, Georgia's most controversial Republican live-streamed on her newly reinstated personal Twitter account, and appealed to voters to cast their ballot for Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker in the state's runoff election on December 6.

The substance of her appeal was to encourage Republicans that a victory for Walker would prevent the Democrats from holding 51 seats in the senate. If Walker doesn't win, then it will be increasingly hard for Republicans to exert influence outside the House of Representatives, even with a couple of Senate Democrats who occasionally break ranks with the rest of their party.

In her remarks, MTG referred to Walker's time in college, when he played football for the University of Georgia Bulldogs, stating:

"I'm asking you to get out and vote for my friend Herschel Walker, and of course, fellow UGA Bulldog... We're always so proud of him... It'd be great to have a dog up there in the Senate."

Improved relations between MTG and Walker?

It seems likely that MTG's vocal support of Walker is more to do with the Republican party's wider priorities than her personal admiration or support for him as a candidate. Earlier this year, Walker pulled out of a rally that Taylor-Greene was holding in Rome, Georgia after it emerged that she'd spoken at a conference held by the controversial white-supremacist group, America First.

The America First movement is headed by Nick Fuentes.

The same appearance has recently come back to haunt MTG once again, after it emerged that Fuentes, rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West) and Ye's campaign manager Milo Yiannopoulos had joined the former one-term president Donald Trump for dinner at his Mar-A-Lago home in Florida just before Thanksgiving.

MTG's associations with white supremacists

Trump has since taken a lot of flack within the media and in the Republican party for hosting such abhorrent and controversial figures at his home. Even though he has denied knowledge of who Fuentes is, there have also been potentially damaging rumours that MTG could have set up the encounter as a means of sabotaging Trump.

Milo Yiannopoulos previously worked for Marjorie Taylor-Greene as a Congressional Intern, and it seems likely that she was at least aware of the dinner before it happened.

For all these reasons, it seems understandable why Herschel Walker may at least have a strained relationship or belief-in MTG, even if she's trying to help him win the runoff election.

Does Walker stand a chance?

Regardless of the facts that emerge regarding Trump's dinner with Nick Fuentes or whether MTG's endorsement makes any difference to his campaign, Walker will remain focused on trying to win the runoff election. And there have been some positive signs in recent days.

A poll carried out this week, showed that Walker and Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock were tied at 50% of the vote each as the runoff election approaches.

If these statistics are representative, then it seems at least possible that Walker stands a chance, with or without the support of MTG!

Do you think that politicians like Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Donald Trump and Herschel Walker should be more careful about who they associate with? Do you think that Walker stands a chance of winning in the runoff election? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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