Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene Warns of “Corporate Communism”, Attacking Businesses for Stopping Adverts on Twitter

Toby Hazlewood

Is she acting on behalf of Twitter or Georgia?

Ever since her personal Twitter account was reinstated, Georgia's Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene has been making up for lost time in airing her most controversial opinions.

On November 27 she posted a rant against the many corporations (including Wells Fargo, Dell and Verizon) who have chosen to stop spending advertising dollars on Twitter since their new owner chose to reinstate a number of the most divisive individuals (including MTG herself, the former one-term president Donald Trump and rapper Ye).

Are corporations obliged to support Twitter?

Hitting out at these companies who have supposedly stopped putting the customer first, she ranted:

"This is Corporate Communism. Corporations using their economic power to force their political agendas. They need to go back to the “Customer is King” mentality, not corporations are king."

Her suggestion seems to be that if corporations choose to stop using Twitter since Musk apparently put free, unrestricted and uncontrolled speech at the heart of the platform then somehow they are acting in line with the communist agenda?

Ironically, 12-months ago MTG received a 12 hour ban from Twitter after describing the platform and its owners as 'corporate communists'!

Commenters to her Twitter post on November 27 were quick to point out though, that the freedom of choice over where businesses spend their money is part of the free market economy, the opposite of communist ideals.

Free speech above all else?

The recent removal of Twitter bans for figures like MTG and others has opened the floodgates to content that was previously under better control. Taylor-Greene used her reinstated account to broadcast an hour-long livestream in which she ranted over the death of free speech in America. She also used the platform to issue a request to supporters for donations to help her meet a $700k legal bill.

She had complained that the lack of a personal account was hindering her in political campaigning and fundraising, but in spite of this she still managed to beat Democratic challenger Marcus Flowers in midterm elections. And now, with another term in office she has the opportunity once again to serve on oversight committees - she was previously banned from these.

Taylor-Greene appears intent on using this new-found power to begin investigations into the process by which she and others were banned. On November 26 she suggested that she would help bring this to a congressional oversight committee.

While MTG seems intent on using Twitter to push her own personal agenda and potentially advancing her career (if and when she's announced as Donald Trump's running mate), many Georgians who voted for her may legitimately wonder when she'll start prioritising the matters that are of concern to them.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene is in touch with the matters that most concern those who voted for her? Is it right that she should be trying to push corporations to advertise on Twitter? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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