“Florida Man Makes Announcement – Page 26” – Trump Falls Out of Favor With Conservative Media Outlets

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"Been there, Don that."

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When the former one-term president Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2024 at his Mar-A-Lago home in Florida on November 15, he presumably intended it to be a big deal. And yet, a review of the media coverage given to the event, especially by conservative media outlets was minimal.

The New York Post - formerly one of Trump's biggest supporters barely mentioned it on the cover, choosing instead a banner stating:

"Florida Man Makes Announcement."

The story was buried on page 26 of the tabloid, with a headline reading "Been there, Don that".

Enthusiasm for Trump is waning

The New York Post's handling of Trump's announcement seems to contradict the enthusiasm that was shared by his closest supporters both at the event and afterwards. Mike Lindell - long-time Trump advocate suggested that Ron DeSantis should abandon all hopes of running for president and throw his weight behind Trump.

Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene pledged her support and endorsement for Trump too (perhaps since she's hotly rumored to be his preferred running mate.)

But elsewhere in the media, support and enthusiasm for Trump was muted.

He's less popular than ever

While Trump's announcement of his candidacy in Florida was a glitzy event, packed with his nearest, dearest and most-devoted supporters, there's little doubt that Trump's popularity as a presidential candidate is on the decline.

A poll of voters carried out by YouGov immediately after the midterm elections revealed that Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis now carries a lead of at least 7% over Trump as the preferred Republican candidate. DeSantis is also more popular amongst those over the age of 65, and with women.

Threatened by Ron DeSantis?

Trump is clearly distressed by these facts and has since sought to undermine and belittle the Florida governor at every opportunity, ever since referring to him as Ron DeSanctimonious in the days before midterms. Trumps lawyers also suggested that DeSantis should "stay in Florida" while speaking at a 'Save America' rally in November.

The combined sense that is given by these statements is that Trump is panicking about Ron DeSantis' popularity and may feel threatened. DeSantis however is more than happy to let the numbers speak for themselves, and said as much at a recent press conference.

The effects of Trump's fading popularity with news outlets like Fox News and the New York Post remain to be seen. But if he thought that America was going to be as enthusiastic about his 2024 campaign as they were in 2016, he may be in for a shock.

Do you think that the New York Post was right to treat Donald Trump as they did? Is the media coverage of his announcement a fair reflection of his popularity? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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