“President Trump Has My Full Endorsement and My Support As Our Republican Nominee in 2024” Says Marjorie Taylor-Greene

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The beginning of her campaign for Vice President?

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On November 15, as the former one-term president Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, many of his most-loyal supporters were quick to declare their support.

At the front of the queue to offer her dedicated support was Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene, long-term Trump-advocate and hotly-rumored running mate for the White House.

MTG goes all-in on Trump

In the days since the midterm elections when she secured another term in office, Taylor-Greene's focus appears to have shifted onto winning favor with Trump and getting the Republicans back in the White House, over serving the citizens of Georgia's 14th district who voted for her.

MTG praised Trump for having selflessly 'put everyone else ahead of himself' during the midterms by not announcing his candidacy during the November elections. She conveniently ignored his slight against Florida's Ron DeSantis who he referred to as 'Ron DeSanctimonious', before back-pedaling and then doubling-down on his comments.

She has also stated that Trump deserves a second term and that has to be given a chance to "finish the job".

MAGA Republicans turn on DeSantis

If MTG is to continue to remain on the right side of Donald Trump, she'll need to ensure she plays along with his strategies. The main one of these right now, appears to be starting his campaign early so that he can hopefully discourage other Republicans from putting themselves forwards. He clearly views Ron DeSantis - the re-elected Governor of Florida as his biggest threat and is right to do so.

DeSantis has recently polled far-ahead of Trump as the favored Republican candidate for president, preferred by voters over the age of 65 and women as well as more generally. This could be the reason why Trump, and now Marjorie Taylor-Greene have gone on the offensive with various tactics to discourage DeSantis from running.

Many Republicans are ignoring Trump

Meanwhile, DeSantis seems undeterred, and for now is focused on delivering as Governor of Florida. He has yet to publicly signal an intent to run for the White House and most suspect he wouldn't do so until at least May next year after Florida's next legislative season. Responding to the attacks by Trump, DeSantis remains confident that recent results achieved in Florida speak for themselves as to his standing with Republican voters.

If MTG is intending to support Trump as fully as she has claimed, it would seem like she's got many of Trump's policies and perspectives to adopt, and many of his fights to fight in the coming months. Time will tell how it plays out.

Do you think that Marjorie Taylor-Greene should be so focused on Trump's campaign for the White House, or should she be delivering for the people of Georgia who put her in office? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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