President Biden Visits Florida and Praises Governor DeSantis for Handling of Hurricane and Cleanup Operations

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Climate change blamed for the hurricane
Biden and DeSantis on October 5Twitter of RonFilipkowski

On October 5, President Joe Biden visited Florida to meet with Governor Ron DeSantis and to witness first hand the cleanup operation that's been mounted in the Sunshine State since Hurricane Ian brought devastation last week.

There appeared to be tense moments throughout the visit as the political rivals shared various exchanges. President Biden was positive about how Governor DeSantis has responded, first to the threat of the hurricane and then during and after it brought death and destruction to Florida.

With over 100 deaths confirmed as a result of the storm, and an estimated 500,000 citizens still without power there's still some way to go, however.

Climate change to blame for hurricane

During an address to press, President Biden offered positive feedback to DeSantis:

"What the governor has done is pretty remarkable so far."

He continued, stating that the hurricane has had other effects besides the damage caused:

"One thing this has finally ended is a discussion about whether or not there's climate change."

Global warming to blame?

The focus on climate change as the origin for the storm was a key theme of Biden's comments throughout the day, and he referenced other natural disasters and crises that have occurred this year to build his case:

“More fires have burned in the west and the south-west, burned everything right to the ground, than in the entire state of New Jersey, as much room as that takes up. The reservoirs out west here are down to almost zero. We’re in a situation where the Colorado River looks more like a stream."

Meanwhile, DeSantis who has previously referenced climate change and global warming as "left wing stuff" appeared unmoved by the president's comments. Could it be that he disagrees, or perhaps he's just more focused on solving the problem and catering to the needs of his citizens right now, rather than getting drawn into a debate.

For those in Florida, they'll presumably just be concerned that DeSantis continues to support initiatives that help them recover - he recently announced a $50 million program of loans for small businesses, and has been vocal about warning off potential looters who might have tried to take advantage of those already affected by the hurricane.

Do you think Governor DeSantis has handled the hurricane well? Do you believe that climate change is a factor in causing more-severe hurricanes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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